The Sheet Society

The Sheet Society

The Sheet Society wakes bedding industry from slumber: how one Melbourne couple has grown a 4.4-million-dollar business in just three years.

The bed linen maestros behind The Sheet Society are in the business of forging sweet dreams and disrupting the global sleep industry, growing over a staggering 300% in just twelve months.

Born out of a desire to make purchasing linen uncomplicated and accessible, while also giving customer's an extension of their personal style, co-Founders Andy and Hayley Worley started The Sheet Society in 2017 with just a $20k investment.

Now into its third year of business, the bedding mecca is set to turnover $4.4million this financial year. With a cult and loyal following of over 50,000, and a plethora of 5-star customer reviews, the couple have shown how a good quality product considered approach pays off.

"We've been overwhelmed by the growth and demand for our product in 2020. When the global pandemic hit our shores, we were getting ready like every other business to bunker down, we did believe there would be a reasonable shift to online, but our sales exploded with April being our biggest month ever," says Andy.

With COVID-19, the business saw an opportunity to pivot and capture a customer base that would normally shop in bricks and mortar, but were now browsing online at home. The direct-to-consumer business was able to effectively offer a seamless contactless experience to customers online, seeing an 80% spike in new customers during March and April 2020.

Taking on the linen giants in the category, this young brand has just released a first-tomarket bed builder on their website, allowing customers to build their own linen selection in real-time before purchasing. With AR functionality to be released in the coming weeks to accompany the bed builder, customers will be able to view the sheets of their choice on their very own bed before purchasing.

"We are completely turning the category on its head and allowing customers to purchase the way they want and make it just simple", says Hayley.

"Shopping for sheets in any of our department stores was just so uninspiring and confusing. Everything was in sweaty plastic and you couldn't actually see what you were purchasing until you got it home. It all came in sets and even if you didn't want a flat sheet, you had to get it," says Hayley.

With a tapestry of colourful, on-trend fabrics that heed attention to the small details, every product can be purchased individually, completely throwing out the traditional linen sets we have been used to buying.

To remedy the department store fatigue, the ecommerce enterprise has just opened into its first retail store and styling suite in Abbotsford, Melbourne. With eyes on Sydney later in the year.

What makes The Sheet Society so different in the category is how ahead of the curve they are, and their ability to lead fashion trends.

"Beyond fabulous colourways, we're exploring fashion-forward materials and textures. The corduroy range has been a huge hit. Our customers are very open to experimenting and taking risks (like fashion) on their bedspreads. They keep coming back for more, "says Hayley.

The Sheet Society is now turning their sights internationally and looking to establish a foothold in the US and UK in the coming months. "There is a tendency for eCommerce brands to just 'bolt on' an international solution to their current operations, but we are going back to the drawing board before penetrating any new markets," says Andy.

Prices range from standard pillowcases at $45, sheets from $55 and quilted bed covers at $180.

The Sheet Society bed linen is available for purchase at: