The Snow Ball

The Snow Ball

The scandalous cult classic with a new foreword by Eley Williams: when Anna is kissed by a masked figure at a New Year's Eve masquerade ball, a heady dance of seduction begins.

'Superb ... Sheer artistic insolence.' - Iris Murdoch

'Brilliantly seductive...A witty, sexy, sophisticated treat.' - Sarah Waters

London, New Year's Eve. Snow falls on a Georgian mansion, vibrating with the festivities of an eighteenth-century themed masquerade ball within. Middle-aged divorcee Anna stands alone, mourning her youth - until the clock chimes midnight and a mysterious masked figure kisses her on the mouth. Thus begins a heady dance of seduction charged by other clandestine romances swirling around them, whipping the ball into an erotic frenzy of operatic proportions - until the night climaxes, revealing unease beneath the glitter...

A scandalous sensation in 1964, Brigid Brophy's The Snow Ball is a dazzling festive classic ripe to seduce a new generation of readers.

'A magical capering beast by a comet in her day.' - Terry Castle
The Snow Ball
Author: Bridid Brophy
RRP: $19.99
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Review; one of my favourite reads