The Soup Investigates

Joel McHale Hosts E!'s Brand New Spin Off Series 'The Soup Investigates"
Australian Premiere Sunday, November 3 at 8.30pm only on E!

The weekly series that has become the communal mocking place for all WTF, OMG and LOL moments in television history promises to continue its satirical and hilarious commentary in the spin-off series 'The Soup Investigates".  Host Joel McHale, along with a team of not-so-professional investigators, will explore the most unfathomable mysteries, controversial rumours and infamous questions in pop culture. From the absurd and inexplicable to the bizarre and just plain silly, there is no subject too sensitive for 'The Soup" team. The six episode, 30-minute series 'The Soup Investigates" premieres on Sunday, November 3 at 8:30pm only on E! 

A wide range of subjects will be covered in the debut season of 'The Soup Investigates" including: Dance Dads and 16 and NOT Pregnant