The Tunnels of Tarcoola

The Tunnels of Tarcoola

'Come round here!' called David. 'We've found something.'
'I'm showing them.' Andrea pushed him aside. 'It's my cave!' She lowered herself into the hole. Her head disappeared, and a moment later they heard her voice, faint and slightly hollow. 'Come on!'

A network of tunnels leading under the park, a secret exit to an abandoned mansion, a hidden box of documents...all very mysterious, but it's just a game, right?

When shadowy figures start watching every move they make, Kitty, David, Andrea and Martin know they've stumbled onto more than a forgotten piece of history. They need to find all the answers fast, before someone beats them to it.

Jennifer Walsh grew up in a country town, the youngest of three girls. 'When we weren't jumping off haystacks we were reading. Our father read aloud to us, starting with Great Expectations and Black Beauty and proceeding to stories he made up himself.' She became a teacher, later worked in the theatre for many years, then 'accidentally' became a writer of computer user guides, a job that took her around the world. Jennifer lives in Balmain with her husband, actor Bruce Spence, and a tortoiseshell cat. The Tunnels of Tarcoola was inspired by the abandoned coalmines that really do exist under much of Balmain.

The Tunnels of Tarcoola
Allen and Unwin
Author: Jennifer Walsh
ISBN: 9781742376752
Price: $14.99 



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