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The Upper Goulburn Landcare Network

The Upper Goulburn Landcare Network

Two volunteer groups tackling the issue of endangered species were recently awarded project funding to reduce the impact of foxes and feral cats on local habitats, and to revegetate badly degraded land in Westgate Park, Victoria.


Destruction and encroachment of native habitats by humans, feral animals, and introduced plant species has contributed to 161 species now classified as endangered.


Thanks to the volunteer efforts of thousands of Australians, there is hope for saving our treasured animals from extinction. In 2017, nearly $100,000 was awarded to 10 Landcare groups to undertake habitat restoration projects across Australia.


The funding was made possible via Landcare Australia's Workplace Giving Program, which works in partnership with 23 businesses across the country, including Telstra, Qantas, and Konica Minolta.


The Upper Goulburn Landcare Network was awarded $10,000 and aims to reduce the impact of foxes and feral cats on biodiversity throughout the King Parrot Creek catchment.


'The key aim is to reduce the fox population so that native species that have been suppressed by fox predation have the opportunity to increase and occupy suitable habitat that is accessible to them," said Chris Cobern of the Upper Goulburn Landcare Network.


Melbourne volunteer group Friends of Westgate Park was awarded $10,000 and aims to revegetate 1.5 hectares of badly degraded and weed infested land that was previously a road reserve with a drainage channel, improving biodiversity and habitat.


'The park features significant lakes and wetlands and these, together with the vegetation, provide an ideal habitat for water and land based birds.


Over 150 bird species have been recorded. Today, this bush-like haven is a great and easily accessible location to see native vegetation so close to the city," Tony Flude, Friends of Westgate Park, explained.


Landcare Australia's Workplace Giving Program is an easy way for employees to contribute to charity from pre-tax income. It also helps businesses enhance their reputation, actively engage their employees, and make a positive impact on the community.


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