Thriving On Plants Vol 2

Thriving On Plants Vol 2

Over 75 delicious plant- based recipes

Ideal for those interested in exploring the world of vegan food. Sweet and savoury easy-to-make recipes all created without animal products.  Cherie Tu has made it her mission to help inspire others through cooking.

Whether you're looking to incorporate more veggies in your diet or simply curious about plant-based foods, Thriving on Plants Volume 2 allows you to learn, create and have fun in the kitchen.

Building on the success of her first cookbook, Cherie has created more than 75 new recipes for breakfasts, on-the-go lunches, epic salads, comforting soups and pasta dishes.

Cherie has also included her favourite Asian recipes throughout the book such as bibimbap, Chinese cucumber salad, tofu "egg" fried rice, stir-fry hokkien noodles, veggie dumplings, to name just a few.

And if you've got a sweet tooth, you'll love her 'veganised' apple pie, baked cheesecake and easy cinnamon scrolls as well as a host of other favourite treats. She also shares her tips and tricks around the kitchen, from organising your fridge, making lists and meal plans, to meal prep and using leftovers.

So, whether you're already vegan and looking for more recipe inspiration or simply trying to transition toward a plant-based diet, Thriving On Plants Vol 2 shows you how easy it is to enjoy plenty of hearty and delicious dishes without feeling like you're missing out.

About the author:
Cherie Tu is based in Sydney and grew up enjoying a combination of Chinese and Vietnamese cuisines due to her parents influence and developed a huge passion for cooking from a young age. She started her vegan journey on social media, reaching out to the online community for support, encouragement and food inspiration. She has since become a part of that community, sharing her plant-based recipes and experiences and making a positive impact on her audience. She has over 370K+ followers on Instagram. Coupled with her other love of fitness and strength training, Cherie believes balance is the key to a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Thriving on Plants Vol 2
Author: Cherie Tu
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Interview with Cherie Tu

Question: Where does your love of plant-based recipes come from?

Cherie Tu: I went vegan when I was 15, so as you can imagine in the past 7 years, I have had a lot of time to play around with plant-based recipes. I've always had a huge love and passion for cooking so when I became vegan it gave me even more of a reason to be creative with my cooking since I was essentially relearning how to make a lot of recipes since they had to be "veganised". I'd say my love for plant-based recipes stems from the fact that you can make a dish that's incredibly fresh, satisfying and delicious using even the simplest ingredients. Sure, I love trying all the plant-based meats on the market but you can easily make a stunning meal using a variety of vegetables and tofu through a range of cooking methods and the use of different sauces.

Question: What are your must haves for a plant-based diet & why?

Cherie Tu: I always tell everyone that establishing your staple ingredients will help make plant-based cooking so much easier. So, for instance, my must haves would include ingredients such as oatmeal, a range of flours for baking, rice, pasta, in season fruits and vegetables, tofu and soy products, pulses, nuts and seeds and more. I think everyone's must haves will vary slightly depending on your personal preference but in general, I always make sure I have a whole range of grains and fresh produce lying around!

Question: What are your tips for the time poor to make a plant diet easier?

Cherie Tu: Meal prep would definitely help! Allocate a few hours on a Sunday (usually I find that Sunday works best to set you up for the week) to cook up a huge batch of your preferred dish, then divide it between containers and store in the fridge/freezer for the upcoming week. Even if you don't want to meal prep, preparing ingredients ahead of time will make things a lot easier for you once you want to throw a meal together. For instance, bake a batch of pumpkin and sweet potato, wash and dry your greens and fry up some tofu then keep all of these ingredients in separate containers in the fridge. That way you can easily throw them all into a bowl to create a nourishing meal within 10 minutes. There are also some meals that can be easily prepared the night before, such as overnight oats for a satisfying and nutritious breakfast that you can grab and go the next morning.

Question: Are there any downsides to a plant-based diet?

Cherie Tu: Nothing comes to mind for me personally! Unless you're intolerant or allergic to specific plant-based ingredients, there's never really a downside to including more plants into your diet. It's something that even I find myself needing to improve on when there are days where I'm not eating as well as I should be! Besides, I think it has never been easier to eat plant-based or predominantly plant-based since we have such an abundance of options nowadays, even when it comes to more indulgent foods. Back when I first went vegan, all you could find was almond milk and tofu in the supermarkets. But today you can find all sorts of plant-based milks, cheeses, ice-creams, snacks and meats, so you never really feel like you're missing out on anything. I think everyone can do with including more plants in their diet and that's exactly why I've created my cookbooks so I can help everyone enjoy plants in all sorts of delicious ways!

Question: What are the benefits of a plant-based diet?

Cherie Tu: The benefits people experience will vary from person to person, but for me I noticed that my digestion improved immensely, my skin and hair are always glowing and in general I feel vibrant and healthy. Plus, you're doing something great for the animals and the environment, so it's a win-win! Even if you don't want to commit to going fully plant-based, replacing a couple of your meals for a fully plant-based version will make a huge difference. As mentioned, you can never go wrong with incorporating more wholegrains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes in your diet so why not do your body a favour and nourish it with more plant-based foods! There are a tonne of incredible recipes and meal ideas in my cookbook so you can easily pick out a few to try throughout the week.