Toocool Series #5

Toocool Series #5

Series Five is about me, Toocool, and my amazing adventures with my best mate Spike, my next door neighbour Wong and of course Marcy.

I hunt treasure as a pirate, I round up horses, I race jet skis, I play Big Bash cricket and I even get interviewed by famous journalists!

My name is Toocool, and I'm a legend!

Phil Kettle grew up on a farm in Mildura, northern Victoria. His favourite subject at school was sport, then more sport. He loved football and cricket – in fact, any sport where he could hit, kick or throw something. He also really loved reading and writing – and being an author all started from there! He has been involved with writing over 160 books.

Toocool Series #5
Ford Street Publishing Pty Ltd
Author: Phil Kettle
ISBN: The Big Bash: 9781921665783
ISBN: Pirates: 9781921665790
ISBN: The Interview: 9781921665806
ISBN: Round -Em Up: 9781921665769
ISBN: The Race: 9781921665776
ISBN Box Set: 9781921665882
Price: $9.95
Boxed set with Marcy: $89.95


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