True to You: Thoughts For An Inspiring Life

True to You: Thoughts For An Inspiring Life

"Love with all your heart; be vulnerable, and beautiful things will happen."

Kyly Clarke believes that to live a life of fulfilment, we must find calmness, gratitude and beauty in all aspects of life. True to You is a collection of mantras, quotes and wisdom to enhance your mind, body and spirit, to help you develop deep and compassionate relationships, and to inspire you to pursue a meaningful career.

Kyly explores what is important in life, how to achieve your goals, and, most importantly, finding acceptance for who you are.

Kyly Clarke is an Australian presenter, model and interior designer who is passionate about fashion, health, fitness, beauty and design. She is the founder and owner of Lyfestyled by Kyly Clarke, and believes that all aspects of life and everyday living should be holistic, inspirational and beautiful. She lives in Sydney and is expecting her first child with her husband, former Australian cricket captain, Michael Clarke. True to You is her first book.

True to You: Thoughts For An Inspiring Life
Author: Kyly Clarke
ISBN: 9781743539002
RRP: $24.99


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