Twist Raff Law, Sir Michael Caine

Twist Raff Law, Sir Michael Caine

Starring Raff Law, Sir Michael Caine, Lena Headey, Rita Ora, Franz Drameh, Sophie Simnett, David Walliams, Jason Maza and Noel Clarke
Directed by Martin Owen
Produced by Ben Grass, Jason Maza, Noel Clarke and Matthew Williams


A young teenager is robbing a house in Mayfair when the alarms go off. He runs away and scrambles across the London rooftops. He falls to his death, where a shadowed figure and their dog appear and take a brown envelope from his pocket.

10 years earlier, a young Twist and his mother are painting together. They go to the National Gallery and his mother teaches him about art. After his mother's death, Twist runs away from the authorities and turns to a life on the streets.

Running away from the police he bumps into Dodge (RITA ORA), a quick talking no nonsense girl, and her friend Batesy (FRANZ DRAMEH). Seeing his skills at scaling a wall to get away from the cops, they join the chase for the fun of it. Cornered, an unseen hooded figure from a rooftop help the three climb to safety.

Twist follows his rescuers into a rooftop warehouse; it is a converted den full of stolen goods, with kids milling around. He is introduced to Fagin (MICHAEL CAINE). Twist is taken aback by Fagin's office full of original artwork and is enticed by the promise of a hot meal but declines the offer to join his gang. As Twist leaves, he goes to thank the person in the red hoody and is taken aback to learn it is a girl; Red (SOPHIE SIMNETT).

Later that night, Fagin is watching Twist painting on a nearby roof and sends Red off to persuade him to join the 'family' for dinner. This time Twist accepts, and afterwards, Dodge and Batesy take him out on their bikes. They explain that they only ever steal from criminals, so feel no guilt.

Later that night, Sikes (LENA HEADEY) arrives at Fagin's office. He wants to know what happened to Tom, but she refuses to answer. She knows he is planning a job on Losberne (DAVID WALLIAMS) and wants in. With Tom gone, Fagin needs to fill the vacancy in the gang before they can carry out the plan.

Fagin presents the plan to the gang. When Twist questions the justification for it, Fagin snaps. Losberne took everything from him and he intends to return the favour.

The next day, Red disguised as an art student, jostles into Losberne, spilling coffee over him. Whist Red keeps him distracted, Twist steals his phone and passes it to Dodge, who drops it in a bucket pulled to a window where Batesy is waiting to clone it. Losberne hails a taxi and it is a race against time for Twist to return his phone before he realises it is gone. With Twist's speed and agility, he manages to pull off the first stage of Fagin's plan.

Twist takes Red to the National Gallery to help brush up on her art knowledge. The pair bond and Twist shares the story of his mother's passing to her.

Back at the warehouse, Fagin is explaining the next part of the plan to the Dodge and Batesy and shows them a Dotheboy's auction catalogue for 'A Harlot's Progress', one of six paintings by William Hogarth. The paintings were believed to be destroyed in a fire years ago, though some say the fire was merely a cover for their theft by Losberne. This doubt has left Losberne's partner Isaac Solomon with nothing but a ruined reputation.

Red plants an exploding squib on a water pipe in Losberne's gallery bathroom whilst the rest of the gang watch from a van outside. When Losberne leaves for the night, the squib is detonated, water is gushing everywhere. In the secure room holding the Hogarth, water begins to drip through the ceiling.

Fagin gives the gang a well-deserved night off, but Twist is gutted when he learns that Sikes and Red are a couple. Red comes to find Twist. It seems his feelings are reciprocated, and they sneak into London Field's Lido. They jump into the water and kiss but are apprehended by security. Twist is tackled to the ground by Warden Bumble and arrested.

In in a police interview room, D.S Andrew Brownlow (NOEL CLARKE) and D.S Henry Bedwin (JASON MAZA) have photographs of Twist's street art and a photograph of Fagin, Sikes and Red. They offer Twist a deal but Twist refuses to snitch. The detectives warn Twist about Sikes and tell him of Tom's brutal murder. They agree to release him though Brownlow slips a phone into his pocket and later calls to say whenever he is ready to talk, they will be waiting.

Twist returns to the warehouse where Sikes interrogates him. She is cut short when Batesy intercepts a call from Losberne organising a courier for the painting.

Batesy refuses to get into the small crate that will be picked up by the same courier, so Twist agrees to take his place. The Hogarth is picked up and is followed closely by Sikes and Red though Losberne is suspicious when he spots Red.

The plan is for Dodge and Batesy, dressed as road workers, to stop the courier but they eavesdrop on a call from Losberne saying he thinks a robbery is in process. Batesy tries to distract the driver. The couriers speed off and Twist tumbles out the back of the van, he has not been able to steal the painting.

Police arrive at the scene, including Brownlow and Bedwin, and the gang scarper. Sikes appears and attacks the police and drives off. She picks up Batesy from a back street. Twist sees them and wants to warn Batesy that Sikes is a danger to him, but he is too late. Sikes is furious the plan changed and Batesy was not in the crate as planned. Twist receives a disturbing message on the secret police phone.

Dodge, Red and Fagin are waiting for the rest of the gang back at the warehouse. Twist arrives and furiously demands to know what really happened to Tom. Sikes returns and lays into Twist shouting that he is a rat and demanding to know who he is feeding information to. Despite protests from Red and Dodge, Fagin does nothing to intervene. Twist tells them that Batesy is dead, and Sikes has killed him just like she killed Tom which she confesses. Sikes wants to get the painting from Dotheboy's, which Fagin is against, but agrees to.

Fagin, disguised as an elderly billionaire is wheeled into the auction house by his 'nurse' Red and 'bodyguard' Sikes. Losberne, Brownlow and Bedwin are also in the room. Dodge, dressed as a police officer sneaks into the building with Twist. When it comes to the Hogarth lot, Losberne goes to reach for his phone and pulls out a gun to his surprise. Amidst the chaos Sikes, Red and Fagin lose themselves in the exiting crowd.

As the painting is safely stowed in the lift, Dodge distracts Bedwin whilst Twist lowers himself down the lift shaft, and into the lift. When Bedwin meets the lift, he finds a new painting in place of the priceless masterpiece. Bedwin sees Twist climbing back up the lift shaft with the original painting. Twist and Dodge escape to the roof and make a heart stopping jump to street level. The police have now arrived but are too stunned to follow the pair.

Brownlow makes chase but is cornered by Deliveroo cyclists with a massive donut order. Twist and Dodge slip away; Dodge says that only one person could be behind the donut diversion: Batesy must be alive.

Everyone is waiting on the roof of the warehouse. Dodge, and to the surprise of Sikes, Batesy return. Twist won't hand over the painting until Sikes lets Red go. They approach each other for the exchange but at the last moment Sikes grabs Twist and turns her gun on him, throwing the painting to Fagin. Twist asks Fagin if he is sure that it is the true painting. He shows the gang a video of himself painting a replica. Twist won't tell them where the real work is until he and Red are far away. Fagin tells them to run for it, just as Sikes turns and shoots Fagin.

Twist and Red race across the rooftops with Sikes in hot pursuit. Red makes an audacious jump, but Twist misses, and clings on by the guttering. Sikes makes the jump and reaching Twist, crushes his hand under her boot. Through sheer determination and strength, he musters the energy to swing himself back up. Sikes lunges for him but before she can reach him, she is shot in the back by Fagin on the other roof. Sikes falls to her death, and Twist and Red escape.

One week later, Brownlow and Bedwin meet Twist in a café. Twist hands over the Hogarth and a key to a garage full of stolen paintings, all owned by Losberne. It is revealed that Losberne's disgraced partner Isaac Solomons was in fact Fagin.

Twist sneaks into the National Gallery and displays one of his mother's pictures which remarkably is received to critical acclaim. The value of original Molly Twist paintings reaches £50,000. Twist, Red, Dodge and Batesy plan to stick together, but they are all going clean and will start to deal in genuine artworks. Twist reveals a bag full of his mother's valuable paintings.


Twist in cinemas April 29