Tying the Knot

Tying the Knot

Tying the Knot

Without Doing Your Block

Part-memoir, part-guide, Tying the Knot Without Doing Your Block documents the experiences of comedian Terri Psiakis during the planning of her wedding.

Wedding planning can be tough when you never planned on getting married, and after The Bloke's surprise proposal Terri went from a lifetime of being anti-bride to suddenly becoming bride-curious (kind of like bi-curious but with slightly less nudity.)

Most wedding guides are formal and stuffy, tell you to do a whole bunch of things you really don't have to, and contain little or no information for soon-to-be-married blokes. Not this one! Terri's not a girly-girl and her chronic aversion to frou-frou means this entertaining reference gives everything pink and fluffy the big finger in favour of straightforward, practical advice. There are even Bloke's World sections throughout the book, designed especially for soon-to-be-married people with testicles.

In her own uniquely funny, straight-talking style Terri covers everything from the perils of bridal expos (porta-loos and plastic surgery anyone?), the joys of bridal gown shopping (you haven't lived till you've had a man you've only just met tuck you back-fat into a bodice), how she chose a wedding venue (one that didn't involve her dad stringing up tarps or digging a latrine), the importance of road-testing celebrants (so you don't end up with a complete nutbag) and how she avoided bacon ending up on the wedding dinner menu (what can we say about The Bloke other than he has an unnatural obsession with processed meat?)

Each chapter contains not only Terri's personal experiences during the planning process but also her advice for anyone about to undertake the journey themselves. It's funny. It's useful. It's the wedding equivalent of Kaz Cooke's pregnancy bible, Up the Duff.

Terri Psiakishas top-shelf credentials. A successful stand-up comic, writer and broadcaster since 2000, she has appeared on Rove, The Glass House, Spicks and Specks, ABC TV's Stand UP! And The Comedy Channel's Stand Up Australia. She has written and performed six shows for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tying the Knot Without Doing Your Block is Terri's first book and is based on her hilarious 2008 MICF show, Terri Psiakis Has Pending Nupitals.

Terry will be familiar to listeners of national youth broadcaster Triple J, where she was a regular presenter for six years. Terri now co-hosts her own weekend breakfast show, Toast with Justin Hamilton and Charlie Pickering on the Triple M Network.

Tying the Knot
Ebury Australia
Author: Terri Psiakis
Price: $24.95


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