Between her roles as head editor of a student paper, writer for a parent magazine, teacher assistant and now author, Luxi Xu's schedule suggests she desires something greater than a typical 16 year old.

In her new poetry collection 'Vulnerability," Xu provides a humanized look into a variety of longings and emotions from her vantage point as a teenager.

'I spend the majority of my time creating personas and worlds in my mind, which I try to trap on paper before they escape," Xu said. 'So these words will be strange and peculiar but all the more attractive."

Xu, a Portugal native with Chinese heritage, also reflects on different cultures in her work. With a passion for languages, she now speaks seven from four continents.

'My experiences are unique," Xu said. 'Culture clash manifests itself within me through both controversial and extremist views of the world."

'Vulnerability" asks questions about love, life and humanity. Through her experiences, Xu illustrates hardships and glories.

Luxi Xu is a 16-year-old student from Lisbon, Portugal with a passion for writing. A junior in high school, she is the head editor of a student magazine, writer for a parent magazine and teacher assistant for 6th grade English class. She speaks Mandarin Chinese, Wenzhouhua, English, Portuguese and French fluently, Spanish at a reasonable level and knows basic Japanese. Beyond writing, Xu loves to read and draw. 'Vulnerability" is her first book to be published.

Author: Luxi Xu
ISBN: 9781496944177
RRP: $14.95


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