Well This Is Growing Up

Well This Is Growing Up

'Well, This Is Growing Up' covers some of the stuff us girls deal with when growing up, and in a nutshell helps girls turn 'shit into sugar' and helps teenagers and young women to see so called 'negative' situations differently. It includes chapters such as Friends (bitches), Bullying, Kindness (the one thing that will instantly make you more beautiful), Social Media, Heartbreak, Unrequited Love, Sex and many more while incorporating my personal stories and words of wisdom (also some humour, mainly the reader laughing at me) to help girls get through whatever it is they may be that they are going through!

10% of all profits to Beyondblue.

This book is dedicated to every single person who has lost their lives to suicide.
To everyone who struggles with the loss of loved ones to such a tragic death.
To everyone who struggles with depression and anxiety, day in day out, you are not alone.
Don't ever let it get the best of you.

Well, This Is Growing Up…
I was inspired to write this book after looking back on the last ten years of my life. I realised that some of the experiences that I have gone through while growing up may be able to help young women today go through some of the tough stuff that life sometimes throws at us.

Well This Is Growing Up
Sid Harta Publishers
Author: Megan Street


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