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What kind of Easter Egg Eater are you?

Cadbury Reveals the Nation's Easter Egg-Eating Rituals

Easter is just a hop, skip and jump away and as Australians commence their annual rituals of Easter Egg eating, sharing, gifting and hunting, the Easter Eggsperts at Cadbury have identified the different kinds of Easter Egg eaters amongst us. What kind of Easter Egg Eater are you?

The Flavour Savour -
The Flavour Savour are those who appreciate the smooth and creamy deliciousness of each Easter Egg. Every bite is savoured until its liquid gold before the next piece is taken.

The Devourer –
The Binger takes their Easter Eggs very seriously and devours them like they're going out of fashion. With zero self-control, a box of treats left near them is sure to disappear!

The Hider
– Those who thrive off the excitement of Easter, the Hider is all about the -surprise and delight' element, carefully placing Easter Eggs in spots for friends and family to discover.

The Headbanger
– Chocolate lovers who can't contain their excitement, smash the top of their hollow egg creating a glorious bowl of chocolate shards to enjoy as small treats.

The Saver –
Everyone has that one friend or family member who takes ages to finish their Easter eggs or bunny – for reasons we don't know why! But the Saver carefully unwraps their treats ensuring there's enough foil to wrap it back up time and time again.

The Hoarder –
The Hoarder is a natural-born opportunist. These Easter egg lovers make the most of the once-a-year season. They buy as many Easter eggs, take as many Easter eggs and find as many as they can while they have the chance and store them for enjoyment long after the big day.

This Easter, the chocolate experts at Cadbury have all the chocolately goodness needed for a joyful season. Visit your local store to get your chocolate fill while stock lasts!

For further information visit the Cadbury website or the Cadbury Facebook page 



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