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Wine Island

Now in its third year, Australia's most tropical and unique wine festival, Wine Island, returns to Clark Island, Sydney Harbour from Friday 10 November – Sunday 12 November, 2017.

Throw away your cares and come discover a piece of paradise filled with good wine, food, music, silent discos, masterclasses, treasure hunts and more! This exquisite yet relatively untouched piece of paradise is a small island so only a limited number of -holiday-makers' can attend the event – giving Wine Island its famed firstclass feels.

All guests will be welcomed aboard the Wine Island -Bubbles Boats' with a glass of sparkling in hand for the short journey to paradise. Once on land, you can kick back and enjoy the island soundtrack over a glass of pinot gris, chat to the friendly winemakers, or simply lie back and soak in the view. This is a totally unique experience best enjoyed with friends and family.

As we are a bunch of matchmakers at heart our masterclasses will have you pairing music with wine in our smash hit of 2016, the Silent Disco Drops, along with Dessert Island where our sweet-toothed holiday-makers will enjoy leading dessert wines with delicious sweets.

Having a taste for the finer things in life, the most exciting addition to 2017 is our Wine Island Superyacht. Guests looking for a 10-Star experience will set sail with friends across the harbour in luxury before dropping anchor on Wine Island. Once ashore, the superyacht will form a base for private masterclasses and exclusive culinary experiences.

So grab your friends, escape, unwind and get stranded amongst good wine and food on Wine Island. There is something for every palate.


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