Work Well Being

Work Well Being

In a survey of over 1,000 employees, 72% of respondents regarded wellbeing as the most important aspect of their workplace, rating it above flexible working hours and their relationships with colleagues. 83% also believe it's up to the employer to facilitate wellbeing in the workplace. So when it comes to actually implementing wellbeing initiatives, how can organisations ensure the right elements are in place that will increase employee attraction, retention and satisfaction?

In the new book Work Wellbeing (Rockpool Publishing $29.99), social researchers Mark McCrindle and Ashley Fell provide a practical, data-driven guide to workplace wellbeing, equipping leaders, managers and employees with a thorough understanding of what workplace wellbeing is, why it's important and how to achieve it. The book covers topics such as:

• The future of work & why wellbeing matters
• How to lead teams in changing times
• The barriers and pillars of workplace wellbeing
• Why work wellbeing is non-negotiable
• How to be a wellbeing champion

An essential guide for organisations of any size, Work Wellbeing provides the tools needed to boost employee morale, team culture, and ultimately your bottom line.

About the Authors

Mark McCrindle is an award-winning social researcher, has an international following and is recognised as a leader in tracking emerging issues and researching social trends. He has appeared across many television networks and other media and is an influential thought leader, TEDx speaker and principal of McCrindle. An advisory, communications and research company, McCrindle counts among its clients more than 100 of Australia's largest companies and leading international brands.

Ashley Fell is a social researcher, TEDx speaker and director of communications at the internationally recognised company McCrindle. As a trends analyst and media commentator she understands how to effectively inspire and communicate across diverse audiences.

Work Well Being
Rockpool Publishing
Authors: Mark McCrindle & Ashley Fell
ISBN: 9781925924190
RRP: $ $29.99