Wow! The Wonders of Our World

Wow! The Wonders of Our World

In an era with rapidly changing technology, it's important to remind children of just how far we have come. To develop a thirst for knowledge. To learn more about our planet and the amazing things it offers, and never take it for granted.

In the upcoming illustrated children's picture book, Wow! The Wonders of Our World, authors Joy Noble and Fiona Johnston have written an engaging book that aims to help children discover more about the world around them, and develop a sense of curiosity.

Through the pages younger readers will learn about things such as:
How technology has changed the world (& how it was before)
How our awesome bodies work
The world of sport and why we need it
The power of music and its impact on the world
Different animals and their roles
An introduction into Multiculturalism

Educational and fun with lots of great illustrations, Wow! The Wonders of Our World is an engaging read for parents and caregivers looking to show kids just how amazing the world really is.

After working as a social worker and administrator in South Australia and a community works in New Guinea, Joy Noble has had many books published. She was awarded an AM for the development of the principles and practice of volunteering.

Until her recent retirement Fiona Johnston was a freelance editor and writer. Her poetry has appeared in many journals and she has had two books of poetry published.

Lucy Buxton is a children's book illustrator based in Melbourne. She has studied Visual Arts, where she majored in Printmaking, and post graduate studies in Arts and Community Engagement. "Wow! The Wonders of our World" is her first book.

Wow! The Wonders of Our World
Dennis Jones
Authors: Joy Noble and Fiona Johnston
Illustrator: Lucy Buxton
ISBN: 9780992549428
RRP: $19.95

Interview with Joy Noble and Fiona Johnston

Question: What inspired you to write Wow! The Wonders of Our World?

Joy Noble and Fiona Johnston: After seeing a huge migration of birds as I walked out of my door, I found myself saying 'Wow!" At the time I realised how many times I kept saying 'Wow" and for good reason. There are so many things to say 'Wow" about. I wanted to share my amazement with young people.

Question: How did you ensure this book would encourage readers to develop a thirst for knowledge?

Joy Noble and Fiona Johnston: I realised that there is always the danger of taking things for granted. Reading a book which covered a huge range of areas of importance in our world could encourage readers to keep their eyes and ears open, add to their knowledge, encourage them to share their thoughts, and realise what a wonderful world we are living in.

Question: How did you choose which things to include in the book?

Joy Noble and Fiona Johnston: I had no trouble in deciding what areas to include in the book. They are all so important in everyday living. My problem was choosing which areas to include in the book as there are so many more areas which we can say 'wow" about.

Question: Why was technology most important?

Joy Noble and Fiona Johnston: Technology has advanced so incredibly over the last thirty or so years. While obvious to people of my age there is a strong possibility that young people can take things for granted. They need to realise how developments continue and how they affect our everyday living.

Question: How have you incorporated Multiculturalism into Wow! The Wonders of Our World?

Joy Noble and Fiona Johnston: A number of chapters relate to our multicultural society in Australia and across the world, one relating to Aborigines and two to important identities, Nelson Mandela and Hieu Van Le.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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