Yoga Design Lab Mats

Yoga Design Lab Mats

From luxurious, eco-friendly yoga mats to eye-catching props, here's a guide to some of our favorite Yoga Design Lab products we know your mothers will swoon over for some "Me" time. Whether they love getting out, working out or zenning out, there is something for everyone!

The Combo Mat ($78)

  • 3 Different thicknesses to help Mumma's be ready for that yoga class

  • The ultimate yogi companion! The Combo Mat is a mat and towel combined - an all-in-one product. No more slipping or being disturbed by a bunching towel. 

  • Made from natural tree rubber, recycled plastic bottle microfibres and water-based inks.

  • 4 Limited Edition Prints

Mummy & me Yoga: The Kid's Yoga Mat: ($48)

  • Eye-catching and playful yoga mat that gets kids excited about exercise.

The Workout-A-Holic Mum: The Infinity Mat ($98)

  • Premium non-slip yoga mat that offers superior grip, wet or dry. The beautiful laser cut mandala pattern helps to align your poses.

  • 5 mm thick to cushion your knees, spine and joints.  

  • Ethically sourced natural tree rubber mat base. No toxic smell like other low-quality yoga mats. Feel good about the products you use.

The Eco-Goddess: The Cork Mat ($74)

  • Designed to love the earth and your practice. 

  • Eco-friendly: biodegradable natural cork and rubber with water-based inks. Free from silicone, pvc, and phthalates.

  • High-density cushion for support. Non-slip grip that improves with sweat. Symmetrical design aids alignment.

Mom On-The-Go: The Mat Bag  ($64) 

  • Carry your mat to class or run away to a deserted island for the weekend, it's got you!

  • Designer eco printed, waterproof materials and adjustable shoulder straps / sling 

  • Each microfiber bag is made from fifteen recycled plastic bottles and printed with water-based inks. Feel good about the products you use!


The Nature Lover: Yoga Towel ($44)

  • Great for all forms of yoga and fitness or a day in the park or the beach.  

  • Each microfiber bag is made from fifteen recycled plastic bottles and printed with water-based inks. Feel good about the products you use!

  • Lightweight, insanely absorbent, non-slip and dries in minutes!  

  • 4 Limited Edition Spring Prints

The Morning-Stretch: The Yoga Wheel ($54)

  • The Yoga Wheel will help to open up tight shoulders and muscles: 

  • From holding those precious ones in your arms to carrying the weight of your world on your shoulders.

  • Offers support for those challenging poses and adds a good dose of creativity to your practice. 


The Workout-A-Holic: Infinity Yoga Ball ($24)

  • The perfect piece of fitness equipment for the mom who needs the home workout!

  • Sneak in a quick workout session while feeding the baby! Who said abs can only be made in the gym!?

  • Dual-sided yoga & exercise ball with anti-burst technology.

The Yoga Prop Kit: 

  • Perfect to help you ease your body back into self care!

  • Master challenging poses and ramp up your yoga practice with a Yoga Design Lab Yoga Prop Kit.

  • Mix and Match blocks, straps, balls, and  towels.

  • Get 20% off your total order when you buy any 4 or more YDL products.


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