Your 40 Year Horoscope

Your 40 Year Horoscope

For the first time ever, one volume - containing four decades of detail for each sun sign - gives you a whole new way to view your past, present and future. Witty, wise and amazingly accurate, Your 40 Year Horoscope covers everything you need to know about your sign and the signs of the people you care for or are curious about. Take a fresh look at your talents and issues, your life at work and home, your love life and more. Your 40 Year Horoscope helps you decide when to buy and sell real estate, make a job change, end or start a relationship, renovate your home or plan a big holiday.

Columns by internationally acclaimed astrologer Georgia Nicols appear in newspapers in Canada, the US and China. She writes for Elle Canada and her website gets more than a million hits each year. You can also check her out on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Your 40 Year Horoscope
Allen and Unwin
Author: Georgia Nicols
ISBN: 9781742379449
Price: $24.99 



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