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New South Wales, State of Pet Lovers

It is a statistical fact that Australia has the highest rate of pet ownership in the world with the Australian pet now seen asan individual or 'person' within the family unit by 91% of Australia's 13 million people associated with pets**.

This week this is mirrored by the massive registrations for the national search for a new cat and dog face for Advocate at'Vote My Pet' which have surged forward over 9,000 entrants, with New South Wales leading the nation. With 1,848 dogsand 853 cats registered, NSW is proving to be a state of pet lovers exceeding national expectations in its first four weeks ofoperation.

"With every pet owner convinced that their cat or dog is the best, the 'Vote My Pet' campaign gives owners theopportunity to prove it." Said Dr. Katrina Warren, ambassador of the 'Vote My Pet' "The success and rate of registration onthe site is not surprising as Australia has the highest incidence of pet ownership in the world"

In the lead is Sydney City (137) and Wentworth (97) electorates in the Sydney metro area, tracked closely by Greenway(88) in the north west of greater Sydney and by the Hunter valley (64) in Northern NSW*. These stats underline thetraditional role of pets nationally, with metro areas outranking rural where many dogs are working dogs and do not play ascentral a role in the family as their pampered city cousins.

Registrations are changing rapidly from day to day, to keep up to date on the campaign and voting for the nation or yourlocal electorate please visit the national results page at 'Vote My Pet'

Launched in late June 2009 'Vote My Pet' gives pet owners to opportunity the make their cat or dog the face of Advocate -an anti parasitic treatment by Bayer. Owners receive points for 'activity' on the site, which can be earned through takingpart in online debates, weekly quizzes, joining topic groups, creating posters and email banners via an online program

Individual results on who is leading in each electorate and city can be viewed anytime of the day via the website, whichenables you to zoom into your area and find out who is top of the polls. Dr. Katrina Warren is the ambassador and judgefor this campaign. The overall cat and dog winners of the 'Vote My Pet' competition will be announced with the AustralianWoman's Weekly in September 2009.

Register or vote for your pet at

*All figures are correct as of Wednesday 29th July

**Statistics drawn from the Australian Companion Animal Council (ACAC)


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