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321 Water

321 Water

According to Clean Up Australia (2016), non-reusable plastic water bottles are amongst the most found rubbish items littered in Australia. In fact, 3 million tonnes of plastic is used to bottle our favourite beverage every year. With bottled water now outpacing milk, coffee and juice in number of gallons of drinks sold, it's safe to say we are nation addicted to H20 hydration.

Advocates for the minimisation of waste and environmental degradation, 321 Water powered by GoLusty revolutionises the traditional water bottle with their sustainable and environmentally friendly range of intelligent -tree plunger' filtration systems.

Designed and manufactured in Melbourne, 321 Water bottles are crafted from a new plastic material called Tritan Copolyester; a strong, glass-like plastic which is BPA and BPS free and 100% recyclable. Celebrating clean architectural lines, a modern silhouette and colours to suit a range of personalities and lifestyles, each bottle sports a wide mouth and is resistant to odours and stains.

Using carbon filtration tablets made from pure coconut shells, 321 Water incorporates a unique tree plunging mechanism which absorbs the unappealing impurities found in urban tap streams, such as organic compounds and residual chlorine, without inhibiting the benefits of fluoride fortification. Each filter tablet lasts around 125 refills which equates to 62.5 litres of great tasting water.

Available nationwide, 321 Water retails for $32 AUD and comes in 6 appealing colours, including black, white, dusty pink, orange, translucent blue and cornflower blue.



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