4-Step Morning Routine for Busy People

4-Step Morning Routine for Busy People

4-Step Morning Routine for Busy People

Every day offers something to look forward to beginning the moment you wake up. How you spend your morning can really play a part in how your whole day is going to be, so it's important to use this time wisely.

Not a "morning person"? No judgement. Plenty of people dread the act of pulling themselves out of bed, but they just might get a little pep in their step if they were able to experience the benefits of a healthy morning routine.

Why not give it a shot for a week? Getting up a couple hours earlier won't kill you, even though it might feel that way at first. But hey, you have the rest of your life to catch up on sleep. One thing you can never get back, though, is time, so make the most of it every day!

You can call us crazy but check out these four steps to a healthy morning routine that even the busiest of people can keep up with.

Step #1: Start early
No one's asking you to change your sleep habits overnight. If you're a later rise, slowly set your alarm clock back little by little to avoid a miserable transition. A 5 AM wakeup call might sound like a mild form of torture, but it's not that bad if you can slowly ease into it.

Every night, set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier than the day before until you hit the target time. How early you get a start on your day is up to you, but 6:00 would suffice for an 8:00 AM workday. You might be busy, but the longer your mornings, the more you can accomplish, and the better you can relax in the evening.

Step #2: Stay away from your phone
As tempted as you might be, resist the urge to scroll through social media before getting out of bed (or, better yet, stay off it altogether!). It's distracting and forces you to watch other people's lives rather than being present in your own.

Once that alarm goes off, there's really no need for you to look at your phone. If you took early morning calls before, you'll now have plenty of time before the phone starts ringing"so be sure to use it to your advantage, rather than wasting it away on social media.

Step #3: Meditate
Meditating is single-handedly one of the best ways to use the extra time in the morning. It calms your nerves before they even flare up and pushes away any lingering anxieties from yesterday's past. If this is new to you, download a meditation app that can facilitate mindfulness. To start your day in a serene state, include CBD supplements within your routine by shopping at:


Once you feel relaxed, try setting an intention for the day of head. Some examples might be, "I am worthy," "I love unconditionally," and "I manifest my destiny". Start with a few deep breaths and focus on what you set out to accomplish. As you get deeper into your meditation practice, consider working with crystals to charge your vibrations and raise your energy levels.

You might have a million-and-one things to do on your list, but by setting aside just a few moments to invest in mental health, you'll soon find yourself breezing through tasks far more efficiently later in the day.

Step #3: Eat a healthy breakfast
Maybe you thought there was no time for breakfast in the past, but now there's no excuse for skimping on the most important meal of the day. You need to eat breakfast in order to kickstart your metabolism that carries you throughout the day. Anyone can grab a protein bar before heading out the door, but why not take 20 minutes to whip up something delicious and nutritious? If you're not accustomed to preparing a morning meal, read through all sorts of quick and easy recipes here:


Step #4: Practice gratitude
Gratitude makes the world go round, so the fourth and final step to your morning routine is to reflect on something you're grateful for. And you don't necessarily have to save it for the end! Appreciate the warm water in the shower, savor a long sip of tea, or simple feel the sunshine down on you in the garden. The important thing is to find something special each day.