A Chance Of Stormy Weather

A Chance Of Stormy Weather

Newly married to sheep farmer Dan Woodcroft, city girl Paula can't wait to escape her protective family and exchange her busy existence for a new life down on the farm in rural South Australia.

But life on the farm proves rather different to what she was expecting. Why does everyone talk about the weather all the time? Why does no one seem worried by the mice plague? And how is she supposed to feed all those shearers?

With Dan's brusque Aunt Rowena to contend with, his gorgeous ex-girlfriend showing up with a grudge, and communication between her and Dan breaking down, Paula begins to question whether she can cope " is the life of a farmer's wife is really for her?

Forecast: stormy weather ahead…

Award-winning South Australian author Tricia Stringer has won the hearts of many with her warm, engaging stories of life and people in rural Australia. She has published eight bestselling books, including the historical Heart of the Country (2015) and its highly successful follow-up Dust on the Horizon (2016), as well as the rural romance Queen of the Road (2012) for which she earned the 2013 Romance Writers of Australia RUBY award. Lauded as the voice of Australian storytelling, Stringer has travelled extensively through Australia's vast and changing landscapes. Her passion for the places and the people she encountered compelled her to write stories reflecting our country's uniqueness. She lives in South Australia's Copper Coast region and is delighted her portrayal of rural Australia, both past and present, is enjoyed by many.

A Chance Of Stormy Weather
Author: Tricia Stringer
RRP: $29.99



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