After Lately

After Lately

After Lately

Australian Premiere Monday, April 8th at 10:30pm on E!

The always entertaining Chelsea Handler and her team of misfits are back for another over-the-top season of E!'s hit office comedy, 'After Lately". This no holds barred comedy series follows the lives of the 'Chelsea Lately" staff and the real life mishaps that occur in and around the making-of the late-night talk show. This season, guest appearances from the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Kate Beckinsale and Charlize Theron add to the chaos when they find themselves entangled in the staff's web of absurdities. The third season of 'After Lately" premieres on Monday, April 8 at 10:30pm only on E!

'After Lately" showcases Chelsea and her quirky family of employees including pint-sized, personal assistant, Chuy Bravo; the self-obsessed, Heather McDonald; the always off-colour ginger, Brad Wollack; the voluptuous cynic, Sarah Colonna; the man-cougar, Chris Franjola; the malcontent buzz kill, Jen Kirkman; the southern lesbian, Fortune Feimster; and the often emasculated pee-on, Jeff "Jiffy" Wild.

In the season premiere, Chelsea is caught off guard by an uncomfortable conversation with the much-loved Reese Witherspoon. What's more, Chelsea's band of 'ridiculous morons" discovers some unfavourable network research about each member of the 'After Lately" team. While Heather is aging out of the show's target demographic, Sarah's loose morals and exhibitionist nature aren't doing her any favours either. Chelsea then sends the writers into frenzy after insisting they attend a very expensive fundraiser she is hosting.

Don't miss every semi-real moment when E!'s 'After Lately" premieres on Monday, April 8th at 10:30pm only on E!

(E! is available on Foxtel on Channel 121)