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Australia Zoo's Giraffe Calf Ellie after Lady Elliot Island

Australia Zoo's Giraffe Calf Ellie after Lady Elliot Island

Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin have welcomed the managing director of Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort, Peter Gash, to Australia Zoo's African Savannah to meet our newest giraffe calf who has been named -Ellie'.  


Peter had the honour of giving -Ellie' her name after winning the naming rights in the auction at the Steve Irwin Gala Dinner in Los Angeles last month.


The significant donation which he made to name this beautiful calf will help support conservation efforts through the Wildlife Warriors charity. Wildlife Warriors' partnership with Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, Africa, helps raise awareness and funds going towards the protection of land where endangered rhino live alongside giraffe and other African wildlife.


As Peter revealed Ellie's name, he was thrilled to see her take some of her first steps on the African Savannah and hear how she's fitting in well with the rest of the giraffe tower.


'Ellie is named after Lady Elliot Island, which we hope to conserve and protect for future generations to come. By naming Ellie, we're helping Wildlife Warriors do the same for giraffe populations in the wild," said Peter.


After Peter won the bid for the naming rights in LA last month, Bindi was excited to welcome Peter to Australia Zoo and introduce him to Ellie.


'The Gala Dinner in LA was a really special night for us, with so many wonderful auction items to raise funds for wildlife. Peter could not have picked a more fitting or perfect name for our newest giraffe calf, Ellie," said Bindi.


Now measuring over two meters in height, Ellie is growing up fast and is spending a significant amount of time with her sister Tulip. She's getting more confident on her long legs each day, with guests now able to begin spotting her grazing with the rest of her family. Australia Zoo's African Savannah has seen four giraffe births in just over two years, with Ellie's birth signifying the continuation of a successful giraffe breeding program.


Peter Gash is a big believer in conserving flora and fauna not just on Lady Elliot Island but all over the world and his generous donation is a significant contribution to reversing declining giraffe populations in the wild through anti-poaching initiatives on Ol Pejeta. It's estimated that giraffe populations currently sit at 80,000.


PHOTO CREDIT: Ben Beaden / Australia Zoo



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