Barker's Dessert Sauces

Barker's Dessert Sauces

Barker's new Dessert Sauces make homemade sweet creations exceptional

Barker's New Zealand has expanded its premium Dessert Sauces range to include three delicious flavours – Classic Chocolate Sauce, Hazelnut Chocolate Sauce and Lemon Passionfruit Sauce, designed to add an element of luxury to homemade dessert creations.

Proudly produced in the small town of Geraldine at the foothills of the Southern Alps New Zealand, the Dessert Sauces are the perfect addition to any sweet creation. Head of Innovation and Development at Barker's New Zealand, Kim Whitman, says, "We are excited to expand and evolve our Dessert Sauces range with flavours that elevate baking, desserts, and treats to new heights. Using quality ingredients such as cocoa and condensed milk for the Classic Chocolate Sauce and real passionfruit for the Lemon Passionfruit Sauce brings to life the classic flavours that Australian families know and love."

The new flavours are premium quality, with a smooth and rich texture, and perfect to use in a wide variety of mouth-watering recipes that are impossible to resist!

Classic Chocolate Sauce
The Classic Chocolate Sauce is unashamedly moreish and has been created with rich cocoa and condensed milk, creating a classic indulgent sauce perfect for a traditional ice cream sundae or as a syrup base for iced or hot chocolate. Don't forget to add the marshmallows for this classic family favourite!

Make your dream dessert with creativity and imagination. Here are a few clever ideas:
• The ultimate ice cream sundae
• Classic 90's milkshake
• Drizzled over your strawberries and waffles, donuts or churros
• Hot chocolate pudding

Hazelnut Chocolate Sauce
Name a better duo than chocolate and hazelnut! The richness of the iconic chocolate sauce with the added nutty hazelnut flavour brings an added dimension to any dessert, while still being nut free.

Make family time a delicious and memorable event with these delectable treats:
• Ice cream sandwiches or tacos
• Drizzle over a sweet pizza with some strawberries
• Family fondue dip
• DIY thickshake station

Lemon Passionfruit Sauce
The Lemon Passionfruit Sauce is a tropical citrus blend of goodness, bringing a refreshing taste to your palate. It adds a bright pop of colour and is stunning when topped off with a few edible flowers for a botanical dessert bloom.

Add a delightful tropical taste to some cheeky treats including:
• Topping for frozen yoghurt
• A zesty cheesecake
• Classic pavlova
• Meringue topper

Barker's New Zealand Dessert Sauces are gluten free and contain no artificial colours, flavours or added preservatives. Classic Chocolate Sauce and Hazelnut Chocolate Sauce are vegan friendly. The whole range is available at Woolworths supermarkets from 6th of September 2021 for RRP $5.00. Classic Chocolate Sauce and Hazelnut Chocolate Sauce come in a 365g recyclable glass bottle and the Lemon Passionfruit Sauce comes in a 345g recyclable glass bottle.

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