McKenzie's Ready To Bake Cookies

McKenzie's Ready To Bake Cookies

Here is the next food viral sensation: it's fast, it's tasty and it is beyond convenient. 


This product is perfect for the girlies that live alone and are craving a single-serving of cookies (and don't have the energy to leave the house). 


McKenzie's Foods, have launched their newest innovation - Ready to Bake Cookies. Crafted with convenience in mind, they are the perfect solution for students, 3pm and, let's be honest, 12am snackers seeking delicious homemade flavours in half the (baking) time, with no culinary skills required. 


Available in a resealable pack of 10, the cookies perfectly blend the simplicity of pre-cut dough with the enticing flavours and aromas of fresh home-baked cookies. Debuting in three enticing flavours - Chocolate Chip, Triple Chocolate and White Chocolate Macadamia - the delectable treats are convenient to store and effortlessly transferred straight from the packet and into an oven or air fryer.


Whether it's a soft chewy centre that you love or that crispy crunch on the first bite; the tasty trio are bursting with flavour, suitable for any occasion and any baker.


There's nothing quite like the aroma of freshly baked cookies filling your home. Made with real ingredients, McKenzie's Ready To Bake Cookies will provide indulgent moments of joy, whether it's a special dessert for the family, or a peaceful afternoon treat for yourself. Mess free and perfectly portioned, these cookies are ready for the oven or air fryer straight out of the freezer. Ready in just 10 minutes, we've kept the best parts of 'home' in homemade cookies.


If you are a dough lover, no judgement here if you want to eat them raw, we did.  Although they come in portion sizes, you can also be creative, joining them together with some filling or combine to make giant cookies.  McKenzie's Ready To Bake Cookies are so delicous, hard to resist, easy to bake, and easy to store in your freezer, yum!


McKenzie's Ready To Bake Cookies

Flavours: Choc Chip, Triple Choc and White Choc Macadamia

RRP: $9.95 each pack


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