Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories

For 21 years Phillip Adams has expertly batted questions to world leaders, thinkers, ideologues, crackpots and gurus and collected irreplaceable wisdom and stories along the way.

In singular style he has interviewed thousands of people, many of whom have become regulars - and gathered a broad and intensely loyal audience.

But what goes on behind the scenes and when the mike is off? When a guest freezes and when arguments break out? When tricky questions must be asked or when the interviewee's name has slipped from memory?

From early days at Radio National where he was looked upon as a commercial upstart, to the days when Henry Kissinger, Gore Vidal, Christopher Hitchens and so many others would line up to be interviewed by him, Phillip Adams has carved a place in radio history.

Here he shares the highlights, the lows, the whacky moments and the many unexpected ones in his years of telling bedtime stories.

One of Australia's best-known broadcasters, Phillip Adams is also an author, a filmmaker, a highly popular and controversial newspaper columnist, a farmer and an amateur archaeologist. This is his nineteenth book.

Bedtime Stories
ABC Books
Author: Phillip Adams
ISBN: 9780730499374
Price: $21.99


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