Hazel the Guinea Pig

Hazel the Guinea Pig

Hazel the guinea pig just wants to explore. But she's also very fond of food... When her seven-year-old owner puts her down in the kitchen, she seizes her chance to escape - but her bulging tummy gets her stuck in a wellington boot!

That's just the beginning of Hazel's adventures. She's about to meet Tobacco, a handsome boy guinea pig, and together they must fight off a hutch invasion from a curious furball called Fudge. Can Hazel and Tobacco warn the humans in time - using just the power of squealing?

Brought to life by celebrated author and animal lover A. N. Wilson, and charmingly illustrated by Jonathan Heale, Hazel will capture the hearts of guinea-pig lovers everywhere.

A.N. Wilson is a distinguished novelist, biographer, critic and Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. He has won several prestigious awards, including the John Llewellyn Rhys Memorial Prize (for The Sweets of Pimlico and The Laird of Abbotsford), the 1981 Somerset Maugham Award (for The Healing Art) and the 1988 Whitbread Award (for the biography Tolstoy). He has also written a tale of an old cat looking back over his life, Stray, and a tale of an escaped hamster, Furba and the Mokes.

Hazel the Guinea Pig
Allen and Unwin
Author: A.N. Wilson
ISBN: 9780857890788
Price: $12.99


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