Belieber! Faith, Fame and the Heart of Justin Bieber

Belieber! Faith, Fame and the Heart of Justin Bieber

Since he was plucked from obscurity just three years ago at the tender age of 14, Justin Bieber has achieved a rarified kind of uber-celebrity that only a handful of other people on the planet have experienced. He has amassed a following of tens of millions of passionate, devoted fans worldwide known collectively as "Beliebers" with a following of nearly 12 million on Twitter (and another 33 million on Facebook) that grows by 100,000 every week. Since his debut in 2009, Bieber albums have gone platinum, his concerts have sold out around the globe, and he has received dozens of accolades, including several Grammy nominations and Artist of the Year award at the 2010 American Music Awards. He holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the most viewed video of all time on the Internet for his viral mega-hit "Baby," his 2010 documentary film "Never Say Never" is the largest grossing concert film of all time, and a lock of his hair sold at auction for more than $40,000 - all of it given to charity.

In her new book, Belieber! Faith, Fame and the Heart of Justin Bieber, award-winning journalist Cathleen Falsani explores how Bieber is influencing an entire generation that is often found in a world of over-stimulating outward messages and challenges beyond their years. She paints an inspiring portrait of a young, talented musician discovered when a record producer spotted his home movies on YouTube while also giving fans an intimate glimpse behind-the-scenes of the heart and soul of their beloved star. Fans can order the book on as of today. In keeping with Justin's commitment to "pay it forward" a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the Global Fund to fight Aids, Turberculosis and Malaria.

Belieber! Faith, Fame and the Heart of Justin Bieber
Worthy Publishing
Author: Cathleen Falsani




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