Bleakboy and Hunter Stand Out in the Rain

Bleakboy and Hunter Stand Out in the Rain

Some things are too big for a boy to solve.

Jesse is an eleven-year-old boy tackling many problems in life; from helping the starving poor in Africa to fitting in to a new school.

Luckily he meets Kate. She has curly black hair, braces and an infectious smile. She wants to -Save the Whales' and needs Jesse's help.

But they haven't counted on Hunter, the school bully, who appears to enjoy hurling insults at random. With Hunter's catchphrase -Ha!' echoing through the school, something or someone has to give.

But will it be Jesse? Kate? Or is there more to Hunter than everyone thinks?

Herrick's concerns about the complex problems facing humankind – starvation, loss of the environment, and social dislocation for both young and old – provided the catalyst for writing Bleakboy and Hunter Stand Out in the Rain. He is all too aware that the young people of today will be the ones addressing these issues in the future.

It was also important for Herrick to show that not all problems happen offshore.

He hopes his new book will show how optimistic and thoughtful young people can -make a difference' in all sorts of different ways.

Inspiring and funny, Bleakboy and Hunter Stand Out in the Rain is destined to become a favourite novel that's read again and again.

Steven Herrick is the author of twenty-one books for children and young adults. Pookie Aleera is Not My Boyfriend co-won the 2013 WA Premier's Literary Award and earlier verse-novels have twice won the NSW Premier's Literary Award. His books have also been shortlisted for the CBCA Book of the Year Awards. For the past thirty years he's been a full-time writer and regularly performs his work in schools throughout the world. Steven lives in the Blue Mountains with his partner Cathie, a belly dance teacher. They have two adult sons, Jack and Joe.

Bleakboy and Hunter Stand Out in the Rain
Author: Steven Herrick
ISBN: 9780702250163
RRP: $14.95


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