Bring Forth the Light

Bring Forth the Light

'What's wrong with giving to another human being?"

This is the question that has driven Emmanuel's life. He shares stories of sharing inspiration and joy with others and inspires others to do the same in his new book Bring Forth the Light.

'I've always heard, -Love thy neighbour as thyself,' but I've not seen many do it," he says.

Based on Emmanuel's personal quest to spread inspiration and love to the world, he shares stories where he has done so and how this has affected others. In Bring Forth the Light, Emmanuel shares experiences where he has shared love and light with people around him, often in situations where they least expect it.

Emmanuel's life has not been simple, and he candidly shares how he has been subject to bullying and poor treatment at various points in his life. However, instead of succumbing to negative thoughts or lashing back with similar actions, he has chosen to share love with those around him.

An ordained spiritual minister and certified regression therapist in the Order of Melchizedek, Emmanuel also understands humans' need for love and how important it is for people to share that love with others. According to Emmanuel, it is a discipline that is not always popular in today's world, but it is one that is important.

'All there is, is love," he says. 'I did my best to paint my world with love."

Emmanuel is a trained spiritual medium who has had the guidance of James Van Praagh, John Holland, Tony Stockwell, Marilyn Whall and Jose Gosschalk. He is a certified regression therapist under the training of Brian L Weiss, MD, and is a spiritual minister under the Order of Melchizedek. Emmanuel has been bringing forth messages from spirit for more than twenty years, as well as guiding others through regression therapies. Between homes in New York and Boston, Mass., he and his wife Elia travel and enjoy their life's journey.

Bring Forth the Light
Author: Emmanuel
ISBN: 9781452561967
RRP: $14.99

Interview with Emmanuel

Question: What inspired you to write Bring Forth the Light?

Emmanuel: So often I am asked why I wrote Bring Forth The Light, and I must say because of inspiration. I wanted to write a book that would show that the every day, every human being could bring forth inspiration if he or she chose too, no matter what. After all for me, I had grown up in a house filled with bullies and was able to make it beyond the bullies and into a place of inspiration, so why couldn't everyone else.

Question: How does this book show parents and students how to face bullying productively?

Emmanuel: So let's begin here, bullies. We so wish that every single one of them would go away. Don't we? But then where would that lead us, since every one of us has been a bully in one way or another. Wow, for some, that will instantly make sense, while to others, they will instantly deny that is possible, as they are too good to ever be a bully.

Let's think about it, what does the word mean? Teasing, name calling, someone who keeps doing or saying things to have power over another, a person who is overbearing, who badgers someone or others constantly, intimidates smaller or weaker people. Well, to me that sounds like all of us, at one time or another. These are just a few moments from dictionaries, sad but true. Bullies are everywhere.

When I was a child, I grew up being bullied every day in my own home. I wanted to love my family, while they wanted to control and bully me, from my parents to my siblings, to my grandparents to the aunts and uncles.

Yes, life was hard, but I made it because of my choices. I certainly wish I would have had my parents' support and loving support from my siblings and extended family, but that didn't happen. Still, I am here and inspirational. Why? Simply put, because of my choices to believe in me.

No one can give you true kindness but the kindness you give to yourself inside, yet it sure does help when people are kind to you. How can another human being give love to another if they don't love themselves?

The key is each of us looking inside ourselves and seeing how beautiful we are. The key is looking inside and seeing how wonderful it is falling in love with who we are.

Question: What advice do you have for parents to provide their children who are being bullied, at school?

Emmanuel: Unfortunately, not enough parents teach their children to love themselves or are taught, that we all need love. Then we as parents have to understand we cannot control another's self-will. We can set up cameras, as that stops a bully for a moment. We can have hall monitors, but that is only temporary as well. Stopping the madness of being someone mean and nasty is a choice we ourselves have to make inside our own minds.

I can only say that for as long as I have been teaching I have told parents to love their children and show them love and kindness in hopes, that the children will be loving and kind too but that isn't a quick fix. Healing a home that is in pain never happens unless all see that they are in pain. It's like hoping your alcoholic parent goes to AA so that they will love you, and see what they are doing, but wait – what if they don't see that they are an alcoholic? You can't convince someone they are something they don't believe they are.

But what can we do? We can teach our children the best we can, showing them love and kindness and accepting them for the beautiful creation that they are in hopes that they may one day realize just that. Yes, I lived a lifetime of abuse and bullying but rose above it and went to a place of continual learning and growth. I learned to love who I was and am. That is how I made it to where I am today. Will it or can it work for every one of us? Absolutely, love is the key to everything, but if we as individuals are not willing to accept that, then things do not change for us.

Question: How did you respond to bullying?

Emmanuel: I went inside of myself and saw the love that was there and knew I deserved more. I knew I didn't want to be mean like the bullies. I remember asking, begging my parents to help me as a child, but they never believed me. My siblings were great at telling tall tales that my parents always believed. After all, I was the youngest, and when all of the rest are teaming up on you, and it's four against one, the one is going down.

Yes, it wasn't an easy road to empowering myself but I did it. Heck, to this day I go on my Facebook page, and someone is there who wants to bully me.

I found that in life, I grew. The people I went to school with who liked to bully, they didn't stop. But I changed, even back then, because I knew there was something amazing and beautiful inside, the beauty of me. It is not as easy as one-two-three, no more bullies. It's a process we learn over time to move beyond by believing in ourselves. I survived because I believed in me and I loved who I was.

Question: What do you hope readers take away from Bring Forth the Light?

Emmanuel: I hope all who read Bring Forth The Light are able to read my stories and see that I made and make choices every day to be loving and kind and inspirational, even when the day and its bullies or events want to knock me down.

We can all rise above the bully mentality. We can all light the world for a brighter, new day. We as parents can wrap our arms of love and acceptance around our children every day in hopes that by our love we will have brought forth a brighter tomorrow and future for our children. To change a bully we must all learn to go within ourselves.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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