Brittany Bloomer TV Presenter / Model

Brittany Bloomer TV Presenter / Model

Brittany Bloomer

Brittany Bloomer is a Freelance TV Presenter / Model based in Eastern Suburbs, Sydney.

She is a recent graduate at NIDA where she studied TV Presenting for a year. Her passion for TV Presenting has driven her to attend lots of Sydney A-List Events where she has had the opportunity to meet and interview successful and well known celebrities. From the age of 15 Brittany knew she wanted to be in the media industry, she loved the excitement and glamour of it all. Brittany first started off at the age of 17 taking part in beauty pageants ranging from Miss Teen Australia to even Miss Universe. She got selected to represent her state in both finals, but later decided she didn't want to focus on beauty, but instead more important things like working with local charities and showcasing her true personality.

In 2011, Brittany started up her own online blog which began to gain recognition. This blog focused on raising awareness about animal welfare issues as well as the various activities she took part in. Brittany took the blog to the next level by creating her own microphone. This allowed her to attend any event and TV Present - which she took a great liking too. Brittany would attend Protests, Interview Vets as well as Visit Local Pounds thus creating a video to raise awareness. Brittany enjoyed TV Presenting so much that she created her own Microphone (Online Blogging Channel) which allowed her to obtain media passes to events around Sydney. Brittany has attended various events through her online station, these range from: Miss Earth Finals, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Waterpolo Finals (USA vs AUS), Maxim Magazine Launch Party and many more.

Some of the people Brittany has interviewed range from; Sam Cutler (Rolling Stones Manager), Lauryn Eagle (Professional Boxer), Charlotte Dawson (Australia's Next Top Model), Beau Walker (Nitro - The Shack), Peter Overton (Channel Nine News), Kate Ritchie (Home & Away), Jessica Rowe (TV Reporter), Ruby Rose (TV Presenter / DJ), Glenn Mcgrath (Former Cricketer), Ian Chappell (Former Cricket Captain) and Jesinta Campbell (Former Miss Universe Australia).

Brittany is also involved with the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation where she volunteers her time to present at charitable events for them, thus raising awareness about the hospital. She is also the NSW Ambassador for ATAAC (Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty) which involves her attending local protests, raising awareness about animal issues, as well as getting involved in fundraisers. Brittany aims to succeed in TV Presenting and become a great role model for young adults, as well as raise awareness on the various issues that she is passionate about; e.g. Childrens Health/Wellbeing and Animal Welfare.

Interview with Brittany Bloomer

Question: What inspired you to choose this career path?

Brittany Bloomer: I have always been one to enjoy socialising, getting to know new people and thoroughly enjoying the art of communication. Once I found out you could do this for a living, I was very interested. I love working in the media and attending fun, exciting events. This is my dream job and I love every moment of it.

Question: What do you enjoy most about TV Presenting?

Brittany Bloomer: I love being able to showcase my personality on TV and speak to successful people within the industry. I am always learning on the job which is an incredible experience. It is also a lot of fun being able to attend all the social events and meet new and interesting people.

Question: What charities do you work with?

Brittany Bloomer: I do a lot of work with the Sydney Children's Hospital, TV Presenting at all their events and producing videos for them. This helps them enormously, as it allows their network of supporters to keep updated with what they are doing. It also helps raise awareness to their charity amongst not only their network, but my network of friends too. They work very hard by organising various events and promotions for the charity.

I also work with Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty - I am the NSW Ambassador. This role allows me to raise awareness about animal related issues. I attend protests and engage the public to sign partitions for the move against animal cruelty. I primarily focus on cats and dogs - and try encourage the public to adopt instead of buying pets from pet shops as this helps prevent the (250,000) cats and dogs which get put down per year.

Question: Why is it important for you to work with charities?

Brittany Bloomer: I feel is it very important to stay grounded, as well as use your skills for an important cause. As a TV Presenter I have the opportunity to speak up, and be heard. It is a platform in which I can do my work but also contribute my love of communication to worthy charitable causes.

Question: Who was the most exciting person you interviewed?

Brittany Bloomer: I was very excited to interview Sam Cutler (former Rolling Stones Manager), I remember listening to The Rolling Stones when I was younger, so it was quite unreal to be interviewing the man who went on tour with all of them.

Question: How do you prepare for an interview?

Brittany Bloomer: Before an event, I always do my research. I research the organisers, sponsors and guests who are attending the event. If I am to interview a particular celebrity, I make a point to steer away from gossip sites. I focus mainly on their official websites, as I know the content will all be true.

Question: What's next for you in the coming six months?

Brittany Bloomer: The next six months are very busy and exciting for me. I am off to China to TV Present for Glamorazzi which is an organisation that runs Miss China Australia Tourism Pageant. I will be TV Presenting on Chinese Culture & Lifestyle as well as getting some behind the scenes footage of all the beautiful girls in the pageant. Once I return to Australia, I will be disembarking to Fiji to be the Official TV Presenter for Miss Teen Australia/World Supermodel Australia in their finals. Lastly, I will be heading to L.A in November to attend Hollywood Immersive School, which will teach me more essential tips/techniques for TV Presenting.

Question: Tell us about your blog; what do you blog about?

Brittany Bloomer: My blog is mainly a website that showcases to the media industry about my work experiences. It initially started as a mechanism to raise awareness about animals - and to help get the public involved and informed about what's happening regarding animal welfare. Now it has evolved to include my life style which ranges from TV Presenting Jobs to fun charity/social events.

Question: What's a typical day like, for you?

Brittany Bloomer: There really is no such thing as a typical day for me, everyday seems to be spontaneous.
I work in a casting agency (Adpro Management Group) throughout the week. There are always new jobs and casting calls coming up. Therefore, I can be called up for work at any time. I try to make the most out of every day.

Question: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Brittany Bloomer: Travelling and working internationally as a TV Presenter. Bringing awareness to a number of different charities. Making a positive difference to people's lives through my work.

60 Second Quiz

Full Name: Brittany Bloomer
Nickname(s): BB
Star Sign: Libra
Favourite Food: Japanese Food
Favourite Film: My favourite film would have to be My Girl - it was a childhood favourite, and seems to have stuck with me!
Favourite Actor: My favourite actor would have to be Chris Hemsworth - he is extremely talented behind the camera, and his Aussie accent is unreal!
Pet: I have one cat and two dogs. Absolutely love them all!
Person You Would Most Like to Meet: I would love to meet Karl Stefanovic as I really admire his attitude to life. He is carefree and has a great sense of humour. I absolutely love watching him on Channel Nine, as he always makes me laugh.
Hobbies/Interests: Hands down TV Presenting, as well as going on walks and hanging out with friends.
First Job: I worked at McDonalds for two years!
Are you a Pub, Bar or Club kind: I do love going to the pub, as you can chill out and catch up with friends. However, it is fun to have a dance every now and then at a club.
What Can You Never Leave Home Without: The key to get back into the house with.
What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning: How cute my cat is - as she is always cuddling next to me.

Interview by Brooke Hunter