Surfer Owen Wright Interview

Surfer Owen Wright Interview

Owen Wright Interview

Question: What inspired you to begin a Facebook and Twitter page to share your life with fans?

Owen Wright: I had been looking on Facebook and watching the amount of people that were really interested in what other surfers and athletes and I just thought it would be a cool thing if my fans could see and hear what I was up to around the world instead of just the stuff magazines and websites write!

Question: What are your Facebook and Twitter addresses?

Owen Wright: Twitter @RealOwenWright and Facebook Owen-Wright

Question: What is a typical day like for you?

Owen Wright: A typical day for me usually begins with an early surf session. Anywhere up to two hours in the water. Then I'll have a pretty big breakfast, followed by a little lounging around, and nap before lunch. Lunch is around 1pm, my afternoon is then spent training from 2-330 followed by a movie or a read of my favourite book. If the waves are good I will head out for a surf for the half hour to hour of the day. Mum will cook up a feast, because at home we have five kids. Usually lights out by 10pm.

Question: What originally inspired you to begin surfing, competitively?

Owen Wright: My dad and older brother Tim always surfed, they loved the ocean and surfing, My passion came from wanting to be in the water with them both, dad and Tim. As the years went on my younger sisters Kirby and Tyler began to surf followed by Mikey.

Now I look to Kelly Slater for competitive inspiration, he has set the benchmark over the years and set it very high. I'm not sure of I will reach that level but I will enjoy the challenge along the way.

Question: Can you share your first surfing memory, with us?

Owen Wright: When I was a super grommet, not sure it probably would of been around 3yrs old and got pushed into a little white wash and I just rode it to the sand and then face planted! Loved it though! I was in for life.

Question: Who sponsors you to surf?

Owen Wright: I feel really privileged to be sponsored to surf for a living. My sponsors are Rip Curl, Ford, Byrne Surfboards, Dragon Eyewear, Monster Energy, Ocean and Earth deckgrips and accessories, SkullCandy headphones, Powerbase Fin systems.

Question: What has been the biggest highlight in your career, so far?

Owen Wright: The biggest highlight of my career today was winning the Quiksilver Pro in New York City. Beating Kelly Slater in the final was an unexpected bonus.
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Question: What are your goals for 2012?

Owen Wright: My goal is to be competitive for the World Title in 2012. It's going to be a long year, full of challenges, challenges that I am looking forward to.

Question: Can you share your training schedule with us?

Owen Wright: I have a program that I work through with my trainer Dean Davis. We train to improve paddling, doing interval work, we make sure my basic strength is where it needs to be and also to maintain a healthy diet. You need to eat the right food to make sure the energy outputs are maximised when needed. It's hard when you are on the road to be 100% diet conscious. When I am at home on a long break I train religiously, the more I train the stronger I feel which helps my mental preparation. Everything goes hand in hand.