Cadbury Cracks Easter with new chocolate treats

Cadbury Cracks Easter with new chocolate treats

Just when you thought Easter couldn't get any more 'egg-citing', Cadbury rolls out some fantastic new chocolate treats for all the family. Whatever your taste, Cadbury has something to hit the spot.

It's the age old question.....what comes first, the chicken or the egg? Well, why not ask 'Charlie The Easter Chick', the newest addition to the Cadbury Easter family. Charlie the Easter Chick is a cute and fun hollow novelty made from Cadbury's famous Dairy Milk milk chocolate. Available in 90g and 130g, he's sure to get the thumbs up from children, young and old.

For chocolate lovers seeking the ultimate taste, Cadbury introduces the Cadbury Eden Milk Chocolate Egg gift pack. Succumb to your senses and savour the smooth, velvety sensation of a Cadbury Eden milk chocolate egg accompanied by individual Cadbury Eden milk chocolates. You can also double the indulgence with the Superfine Deluxe Bunny gift packs. Enjoy the Superfine dark and milk chocolate Deluxe Bunnies, now available with a selection of superfine solid chocolate eggs. An elegant double act for Easter.

The fun doesn't stop there. Cadbury wants you to enjoy special moments with loved ones so why not crack open a scrumptious egg bag and share with the family. New to shelves is the Cadbury Old Gold egg bag - 125g of pure dark chocolate bliss. You can also tempt your taste buds with the rest of the vast egg-bag range which includes the classic Dairy Milk milk chocolate eggs, crispy Mint Chips eggs, the crunchiest Crunchie eggs and our exotic Fry's Turkish Delight eggs. For your Easter egg hunts grab a bumper bag of Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate Easter eggs containing over 60 individually wrapped eggs - no one will be left empty handed.

Continuing to top the Easter charts is the famous Cadbury Creme egg selection. The world's most popular egg is still available in the traditional 40g serve, and is also available in Minis. Creme Egg and Creme Egg Minis have Cadbury's famous chocolate shell filled with the unmistakable egg like goo. Small in size but big in taste!

Renowned for its 'egg-ceptional' taste, 'egg-cellent' value and treasured tradition, Cadbury is Australia's 'egg-stra' special chocolate. With a wide range of fun chocolate gifts, Cadbury will create a magical Easter for all the family.

Hop down to your nearest supermarket, convenience store or milk bar and fill your basket with some of the new delicious chocolate treats on offer this Easter. You'll also meet your old friends there including Cadbury Great Bunny, Cadbury Dream Bunny, Cadbury Crunchie Bunny, Cadbury Sitting Bunny and loads more.


  • Research has shown that when eating chocolate bunnies 76% of people eat the ears first, 5% start with the feet and 4% start with the tail, while the other 15% bite indiscriminately!
  • Daughters are the most likely family member to be given Easter eggs
  • Hollow eggs are the most popular purchase at Easter
  • Easter eggs symbolise 'rebirth' and 'the beginning', tying in with the festival of Spring
  • The first Cadbury Easter egg was made in 1875 in the UK
  • Each year Cadbury Australia produces more than 240 million Easter eggs ranging from small solid eggs to large hollow eggs
  • That equates to the average person being rewarded with 12 Cadbury Easter eggs
  • Cadbury produces Easter eggs for 8 months of the year - that's a lot of eggs!

    Some good news about chocolate....
  • Analysis of Cadbury chocolate shows that dark and milk chocolate, as well as cocoa, are high in antioxidants which may help reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Eating chocolate triggers the release of endorphins which are known to reduce pain and enhance your mood
  • Chocolate has nutritional value; it contains iron, calcium, riboflavin, zinc and protein
  • If you want to increase your calcium intake consider including milk chocolate in your diet
  • Chocolate contains carbohydrates which make it an ideal high energy snack food
  • And, most importantly, research has shown that chocolate does not cause pimples

    Note: Charlie The Easter Chick 130g is only available at Woolworths & Big W stores, nationally.

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