Christina Moses A Million Little Things

Christina Moses A Million Little Things
Actress and producer Christina Moses currently stars as series regular 'Regina Howard' in the ABC drama series "A Million Little Things", currently streaming on HULU. After a major bombshell was dropped in the season 4 finale, the 5th season will premiere later this year. Moses also had notable roles as 'Sharla Shepard' on the hit CW show "The Originals" and "Containment".
ABC's "A Million Little Things" follows a group of friends who become motivated to living fuller lives after the unexpected suicide of a close friend. Season 4 saw a lot of big changes for everyone, like 'Regina's' (Moses) new business, her husband 'Rome's' (Romany Malco) new career path, 'Eddie' (David Giuntoli) and 'Katherine's' (Grace Park) new love interests and 'Maggie's' (Allison Miller) reunion with 'Gary' (James Roday Rodriguez). It also continued to do something it's done since the start: touch on identifiable and relatable issues like relationships, family, illness, abuse, addiction, sexuality and gender identity. Over the last eight months, the show has given its viewers plenty to think about, and during the summer hiatus minds will continue churning as they try to make sense of the season's final moments. The show is created by D.J. Nash ("Til Death").
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Moses was born to creative parents, both actors themselves. She was very shy when she was little but was persuaded to get into acting at the age of 5. She attended college at UC Santa Cruz and got involved with the outreach theatre program which brought theatre to impoverished schools. After two years she transferred to NYU's New School in NYC. While there she began teaching Black History and Art History at a non-profit charter school in Harlem. In her early 20s she also began practicing Tibetan Buddhism and credits it with building her confidence and centering herself spiritually. She has an infinity for elephants and animals and gives back to non-profits that support causes that protect against cruelty and poaching. She also actively speaks out on transformative justice, race politics, and improving the justice and jail system. In her free time, she loves scuba diving and being outside, she is also an avid cook and loves trying new restaurants.



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