Cobs Popcorn

Cobs Popcorn

Whether you're planning a night in with a good movie, opting for a healthier alternative to chips or just simply want to treat yourself to a bag of popcorn, grab yourself a bag from the brand new Cobs Natural Popcorn Range- you definitely won't be disappointed. Every mouthful is an explosion of senses; the smell, the taste, the touch and the look is simply unrivalled in the world of popcorn.

The Cobs Natural Popcorn Range is simply delicious and the tastiest around. The Cobs Natural Popcorn Range combines passion and skill with only the best ingredients, transforming humble kernels of corn into fluffy, crunchy, popcorn that tastes great. It is completely gluten free with no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or additives.

If you're a savoury lover, Cobs Natural Sea Salt will be your bag, it really is the simple things in life that keep you coming back for more. If you're torn between sweet and savoury try Cobs Natural Lightly Salted, Slightly Sweet. Using 100% wholegrain corn, it really is the ultimate yin and yang solution which combines a perfect balance of raw sugar and sea salt. What's more, popcorn lovers everywhere can now enjoy smooth, full flavoured cheddar deliciously coated over fluffy, crunchy kernels of sun ripened corn with Cobs Natural Cheddar Cheese - a welcome new addition to the range.

Cobs Natural Popcorn Range makes a great tasting healthier snack which is perfect for nibbling on the go or munching on during a night in. It is a great source of dietary fibre and what's more, it's 100% Australian made and owned - it really doesn't get much better.

Review: I like my pop corn with lots of salt and melted butter. Not too good for the waist line, but none the less great for the taste buds. Cobs Natural Popcorn have a cheddar flavoured popcorn that is to die for. Gluten free, cholesterol free, no additives of any kind, they are salty, cheesy and yummy. (I don't mean to sound like a late night TV spruker, I just really like the popcorn). - Diana Kerr, chief popcorn taster.

Cobs Natural Popcorn in Sea Salt tasted amazing, just how popcorn is meant to taste, and I would know because I go to the movies for the popcorn! The Cobs Natural Popcorn Sweet/Salty was different yet, delicious! Even though Cobs Popcorn is popped already it tasted fresh and natural. Cobs Natural Popcorn are irresistible popcorn treats. - Brooke Hunter.

For more information on the range or to find out stockiest details for Cobs Natural Popcorn Range please visit
Family size Sweet/Salty 145g - $3.59, Sea Salt 80g - $2.99, Cheddar Cheese 100g - $3.59.
Single Serve Sweet/Salty 30g - $1.49, Sea Salt 25g - $1.49, Cheddar Cheese 30g- $1.49.
Multi packs are soon to be added to the range, more details to follow.


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