College Launches Beauty Course for Indigenous Youth

College Launches Beauty Course for Indigenous Youth

A pilot beauty and job skills course designed by The Australasian College Broadway and the National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy (NASCA) with input from JobFind, to assist unemployed indigenous youth discover and secure a new career path.

The training, fully funded by the College who are leaders in the field of hair and beauty education in Australia, is the first of its kind in partnership with NASCA, an organisation that uses sport to promote positive messages of completing school, being healthy and being a role model in your community. The success of the three month initiative could open the door to other career pathways being explored and secured with Colleges around the country.

Ms. Maureen Houssein-Mustafa, CEO, the Australasian College Broadway said, "Last year we created a beauty course for young Indigenous women with the local Leichhardt Police as part of our giving back to the community program.

"Despite some successes, we certainly experienced challenges and decided to partner with NASCA this year to draw upon their experience and create a more structured course. Our aim is to provide some fantastic opportunities for these young women, ensure that we can run this program ongoing so participants have the chance to secure an even brighter future, and set a standard for other Colleges to offer similar vocational prospects.

"This is an extremely exciting time for everyone involved and the staff at our College are delighted to be a part of it."

The course will teach participants manicures and pedicures, how to service clients, first aid in the workplace, drug and alcohol education, CV writing skills, interview skill techniques, grooming and make up application. Three days will be spent in classes at the College and one day will be spent at a salon implementing the practical skills learned at class.

The College will ultimately arm participants with the ability to either set up their own service within a salon and be self employed, or secure a full time role within the industry, which JobFind will assist with. For those interested in further study, the course will also provide a basis to progress onto a full Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy. Mentoring support has been offered to all participants to facilitate their learning.

NASCA CEO, Mr. Charles Prouse, said that the organisation is committed to finding opportunities for Indigenous youth that will allow them to build a career, improve their self esteem and encourage more positive life choices.

"This is a fantastic opportunity for young Indigenous youth wanting to enter the Industry. NASCA is proud to partner with the Australasian College Broadway and offer this unique program. It is a new undertaking for NASCA but it means we further support Indigenous youth to make choices that will benefit them throughout their life. I wish all the participants every success and I know that the staff at the Australasian College Broadway, Jobfind and NASCA will do everything they can to support them" said Mr. Prouse.

17 female students, aged between 16 and 25 who have started the course, all come from Indigenous backgrounds. In order to secure a place in the program, the applicants had to complete a number of stages including filling in questionnaires, attending an orientation day, and undergoing interviews with NASCA Careers Program Manager Arthur Little to ascertain their level of interest and commitment.

The College facilities, which are state of the art, promote a high level educational environment. When walking into the College, the facilities are breathtaking and the excitement of the students and teachers can be felt in the air. There are over 66 hairdressing stations, 40 beauty areas, 28 nail, 10 pedicure and 16 makeup stations that run busily during days, evenings and weekends.

With a staff of 85+ multicultural educators and staff, who among them speak 28 different languages, Maureen has selected the very best team of professionals and Industry achievers. Many of the staff have worked internationally which allows them to provide students with innovative and extensive training backed by their years of Industry experience.

To express interest in participating in the program, please contact Janis on 02 9571 8288, and for further information about The Australasian College Broadway visit


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