Helping teens stay cool, calm and collected...

We all know how difficult teenage years can be; with exam stress, assignments, homework, first time jobs, pimples, dating, etc etc! So it's little wonder most teens these days seem to be far from cool, calm and collected.

Coolmind is here. The book every teen should read in order to make their life a breeze. It's the 'little book of calm for teenagers" and is a crash course guide in staying cool -n' calm no matter what is going on in their life. It's all about the art of relaxing, the art of becoming consciously cool now to rise above stress. And the good news is … it's not hard!

Armed with 10 cool techniques of cool mindfulness, cool relaxing, cool visualisations, cool performances, cool power, cool healing, cool walking, cool releasing, cool focusing and cool gratitude, teens will be ditching their hangups and living stress-free in no time.

Coolmind is easy to follow, quick to read, and written in a language teens can relate to; making it perfect for adolescents especially those approaching their final year of study.

With teens increasingly falling prey to anxiety, stress, low self-esteem issues, and even suicide, Coolmind is about finding relief in any situation. And finding relief is the essential precondition of calm and happiness.

David Keefe operates his own health consultancy business and has qualifications in fitness, massage therapy, kinesiology, reiki, qi gong and journalism. He also follows a Zen practice in his own life and is currently completing his Diploma in Counselling.

Exisle Publishing
Author: David Keefe
ISBN: 978192149793 3
Price: $12.99


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