A fabulous new TimeStalker novel.
A missing diary holding dark secrets, a lost Spanish royal treasure and a serial killer operating in the Wild Wild West...

Kannon Dupree, the time travelling detective, is hired to go to New Mexico in 1867 to find the missing diary of a Wild West hero. Disguised as a bounty hunter, the chase takes Kannon from gunfights in Old Santa Fe, across hostile territory in the middle of an Indian War, via a mysterious convent of nuns banished to die in the desert and into an ancient pueblo city on a cursed mesa sacred to Coyote, the trickster god.

But what she doesn′t know is that the diary holds a spine-chilling secret that someone in the present may be willing to do anything to hide...

Rhonda Roberts has a PhD and worked as an academic specialising in the formation of knowledge systems in different cultures and historical periods. She travelled extensively to perform fieldwork and now does the same for her fiction writing. She trained in Aikido for four years in both Japan and Australia. She lives in Wollongong.

Harper Collins Australia
Author: Rhonda Roberts
ISBN: 9780732288570
Price: $22.99


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