My Best Friend and Other Enemies

My Best Friend and Other Enemies

I don't need a best friend. I have plenty of things to get on with. Like, well, um... Hmmm. OK. That's not a good sign...

Jessica and Natalie have been best friends since their finger-painting days. They've shared everything, including a sense of humour that has led to some of the most hilarious times ever! And nothing can ever change that, not even the arrival at school of new girl, Amelia.

Except it actually changes everything. Amelia is mean, and a snob, and she and Natalie start acting as if Jessica doesn't exist. But Jessica's got a plan, and a secret weapon. The cartoon is mightier than, er, being left out of everything...

Catherine Wilkins, is a writer and comedian. She grew up in Hertfordshire and now lives in London. She writes jokes and stories which she performs around the country to strangers in the dark, trying to make them laugh. Catherine has always wanted to write funny stories for children and is finding the whole process more exciting than that time she bungee jumped. Which is pretty exciting. If you think about it.

My Best Friend and Other Enemies
Allen and Unwin
Author: Catherine Wilkins
ISBN: 9780857630957
Price: $14.99


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