Dadhichi 2012 Horoscope Series

Dadhichi 2012 Horoscope Series

Dadhichi, arguably Australia's most accurate and authentic psychic and astrologer, has just conquered India, the "spiritual centre" of the world, with his face-reading expertise. More than just understanding the stars, Dadhichi understands the intricacies of people's faces, deciphering what every feature and gesture really means. Turns out you can judge a book by its cover, as long as you know what you're reading.

Take for example a broad and strong jaw line - a tell-tale sign of someone who's stubborn. Or someone with high cheekbones - a sign of pride. "Most people will laugh this off as myths. But when you get down to actually studying faces, you realise how true these little things are", Dadhichi explains.

Then of course, there's body language. Dadhichi explains "With almost 7000 facial expressions to choose from, the human face is one of the most intriguing subjects ever". Every little twitch or flinch has meaning. Trying to work out if someone's lying? Are they touching their nose? That's your first sign, as the brain releases a rush of blood to the nose making people touch the area on impulse. To crack the more seasoned liar, try looking into their eyes. Aside from shifting gaze and blinking eyes, people believe that "unblinking eyes are a sign of people not lying. What they don't realise is that after a point of time, because of the conscious effort to keep the eyes unblinking, the eyes begin to widen on their own, looking pointedly unnatural". A trick Tiger Woods, Jesse James and Arnold Schwarzenegger would have benefited from knowing...

Dadhichi has a knack for looking beyond the obvious to find the obscure meanings written on your face. Combined with his understanding of the zodiac, he can understand where you've been, where you're at and where you're going in 2012. Dadhichi has conducted over 9,000 consultations with international clients including celebrities, politicians, diplomats, media and corporate identities. Combining Face Reading and Astrology, Dadhichi assists people in achieving happiness through a greater understanding of themselves. "Figuring out that your partner is lying is not the key to a happy relationship. It is just a sign for you to embark on a self-realisation mission... You need to analyse the situation you're in and figure out how you can change yourself to achieve happiness".

Dadhichi yearly astrology books are bestsellers in Australia, with over 350,000 books sold every year. After a successful tour of India last month, his profile continues to grow internationally.

Dadhichi 2012 Horoscope Series
Author: Dadhichi
Price: $7.99 



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