Rialto blossoms: a field of 20,000 flowers in support of Cancer Council Daffodil Day

Rialto blossoms: a field of 20,000 flowers in support of Cancer Council Daffodil Day

Rialto Piazza will transform into a sea of 20,000 daffodils in support of Cancer Council's flagship fundraising event over two days, Wednesday 30 and Thursday 31 August 2023.

Heralding the arrival of spring with an extraordinary array of yellow flowers, Daffodil Day at Rialto raises awareness and much needed funds for the Cancer Council's mission. People are invited to enjoy the spectacular display from 8am on Wednesday 30 August. Visitors are encouraged to show their support by buying a bunch of daffodils and honouring those that help, treat, screen, cook for and hug everyone from every dimension of the cancer journey.

Rialto's Daffodil Day celebrations have lit up the faces of office workers and visitors for more than five years. Witnessing and appreciating the spectacle every year is Rialto's Head Concierge Tania Kelly, who has treasured the simple sense of joy and connection that the day brings since 2017.

On Daffodil Day 2022, Tania received the diagnosis that she had bowel cancer. She underwent surgery, followed by chemotherapy causing severe reactions that saw her hospitalised, and a range of other symptoms that affected her mind, her skin and her confidence.

"My favourite day of the year at Rialto has always been Daffodil Day. I love all of the colour and seeing people's faces when they walk into the Piazza. The day took on a new meaning for me when I was diagnosed. In March this year, I was very lucky to get the all clear. I am now in remission for five years," says Tania.

"When I received the good news, so many of the Rialto building community started sharing their own personal stories about how they or their families had been affected by cancer. After the loneliness that cancer can bring, it was wonderful to feel such a strong sense of connection again."

With around 101 Victorians being diagnosed with cancer every day (up from 95 in 2022), Cancer Council Victoria's Head of Fundraising, Lyrian Fleming-Parsley, urged those in the CBD to give this Daffodil Day to help fund the country's best and brightest cancer researchers.

"Cancer takes so much - from all of us. It takes from our friends, neighbours, colleagues, and our family. By giving this Daffodil Day, we can help stop cancer from taking so much. Consider giving for all the people who've been affected by a cancer diagnosis, whether that's you, or someone close to you. Giving money, a bunch of daffodils, your time, a hug, giving hope, that's what Daffodil Day is all about," Ms Fleming-Parsley said.

Those who visit Daffodil Day at Rialto are encouraged to photograph and share content via social media, to help drive visitation and fundraising efforts from Wednesday 30 August.


Daffodil Day at Rialto Melbourne 2023 

  • Enjoy and photograph the spectacular floral display

  • Buy a bunch of daffodils in support of the Cancer Council. 

When: 8am Wednesday 30 August until 3pm Thursday 31 August

How much: FREE flower display and fundraising event

Daffodil bunches are for sale from $10 per jar or $28 per bunch (30 stems) with all proceeds going to the Cancer Council 

More information: www.rialto.com.au/daffodilday



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