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Dulux Colour Trends for Spring 2016

Dulux Colour Trends for Spring 2016

Reflecting on the colourful eras of the 60s and 70s, interiors are predicted to feature an unexpected mix of hues this spring. According to Dulux, the Colour Trends this season will comprise contrasting shades of blue and green, decadent browns and charcoals as well as light pink, hot red and crisp white.

Inspired by the Retro Remix theme from the 2016 Dulux Colour Trends, 'Design Age", the Dulux spring palette celebrates a revival of the retro movement with a modern twist.

The Retro Remix theme mixes together iconic elements from across the mid to late 20th century and aims to inspire homeowners to experiment with unusual colour combinations this coming season.

Dulux Colour Expert, Andrea Lucena-Orr, says the key colours of spring including Dulux Deep Sapphire, Rockpool, Hot Lips, Luck, Titi Islands, Clay Play and Vivid White, create a fun and playful atmosphere.

'The 2016 spring palette is a move away from last year's muted, earthy tones. Heading into spring, we will feel energised and refreshed with a much brighter palette that incorporates pop colours.

'The palette allows homeowners to achieve an eclectic look and to experiment with an unexpected range of colour combinations in order to make the Retro Remix theme their own," says Andrea. With such a varied collection of hues, homeowners who are adventurous can select from daring colours such as Dulux Hot Lips and Rockpool. To create a more subtle look use a delicate pink such as Titi Islands.

'Have some fun as we head toward spring! Create a fresh and airy look by accessorising a lighter background with brighter pops of colour, or introduce a dramatic look with a darker background then highlight with light and vibrant accessories," says Andrea 'To achieve the Retro Remix look on a smaller scale, use one or two colours in smaller volumes. To create depth, use Dulux Deep Sapphire or Luck as your wall colour and then accessorise with bold and striking hues."

Dulux's spring predictions are the product of research into global design, colour and finishes inspired by trade shows, fashion, technology, media and trend information.

Deep Sapphire: A dreamy and deep sea blue/green that is perfect for a casual space or to add an essence of energy and impact. Deep Sapphire is also ideal in a study space as well as a bedroom or even an outdoor room.
Rockpool: Bright and refreshing, this bluish green is elegant and will stand out against a backdrop of whites and neutrals. Perfect for casual living spaces or to make an impact in any room.
Hot Lips: Vibrant and daring, this striking red will create a dramatic mood. Hot Lips works especially well in entrances, foyers, formal living areas and hallways.
Luck: A deep charcoal (almost black) with a very slight deep brown undertone, this colour can be used in any space within the home to create a dramatic feel with a dark backdrop.
Titi Islands: A soft and subtle pink with a slightly muted plum undertone, this colour is quite versatile and can be schemed with many other colours of similar shades or contrasts well with stronger hues.
Clay Play: A decadent warm brown with a slightly red undertone, this luxurious brown is perfect for formal spaces as well as rooms you would like to warm up and create a cosy ambience. Scheme with lighter, warmer colours or contrast against warm whites with a pop of brighter colour.
Vivid White: This crisp, elegant white is very flexible to scheme alongside any colour either bold or subtle. Perfect for a blank canvas this white is bright and airy.


Style Tips For Spring 2016 by Bree Leech; Creative Consultant and Stylist for Dulux

• Pink has become an interior staple this year. Lean towards mauve, pair it with clashing colour and nonconventional furniture pieces to give it an edge.
• Energise the space with striking graphic features such as simple lines and shapes that reflect retro influences from the post-modern era.
• White keeps the look fresh and provides a reference point for the colour combinations.
• Choose furniture in sculptural shapes such as mismatched bedside tables.
• Break hard lines by introducing plant life. Take inspiration from plants that were popular in the 60s and 70s that climb and drape or have interesting leaf shapes.
• Don't embellish too much. The layers in this look are created with clean lines, shapes and colour. There's no need to add too many textures or soften the styling.

Andrea's top tips for homeowners using colour this spring are: 'Don't feel afraid to use bolder colour this spring. W ith the dawn of new life, spring offers luscious greens and striking floral hues with an opportunity to bring a fresh essence into your space. Most importantly, ensure the colour you've selected is perfect for your home to create a sanctuary that you will love."

For more colour or painting advice, view the Dulux -how to projects' online



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