Elevate by Shannah Kennedy and Colleen Callander

Elevate by Shannah Kennedy and Colleen Callander

Do you want a masterplan for success? Are you ready to embrace the extraordinary life you truly deserve?


Elevate invites us to embark on a journey to transcend the limitations that hold us back, and to unleash the potential that resides within each of us. By elevating our thoughts, beliefs and actions, we can create a life that is truly remarkable.


Drawing on their experiences as a life coach and CEO respectively, Shannah Kennedy and Colleen Callander share valuable insights and strategies to guide you towards creating your own action plan – a roadmap to extraordinary growth, success and fulfilment. Through Elevate's practical, step-by-step framework, via the three pillars of Life, Leadership and Longevity, you will be empowered to excel both personally and professionally. By doing so, you can become a catalyst for positive change within your family, community and organisation.


Shannah Kennedy is one of Australia's foremost strategic life coaches. She works to transform her clients' careers, wellbeing and lives. She specialises in executive strategy, transition, values, vision, overcoming burnout and life planning for individuals. Her proven expertise enables clients to gain control of their lives in order to achieve their visions and goals and find happiness and fulfilment.

She is the bestselling author of The Life Plan, a wellbeing specialist, keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and media contributor, and a wife and mother of two. Shannah lives and dances with chronic fatigue syndrome and depression and is committed to living her best and most energetic life based on her values and commitment to authenticity.

Shannah is a master of simplicity and presents the most powerful and essential life and wellness skill sets to transform the way you live and work, create clarity, direction and purpose, and shine a light on the benefits of self-care, self-management and self-leadership.

Visit www.shannahkennedy.com for further information, free resources and to get in touch.


Colleen Callander spent 30 years in the retail industry, serving as CEO of two iconic fashion brands, Sportsgirl and Sussan, where she established winning cultures and empowered people to reach their full potential. She is the author of Leader By Design: Be empowered to lead with confidence in business and in life.



by Shannah Kennedy & Colleen Callander

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