Couple Goals by Nicole Haddow

Couple Goals by Nicole Haddow

Journalist Nicole Haddow is aiming to answer theat question after entering a new phase of her financial life - as one half of a couple. At 39, she merged finances for the first time and as the author of Smashed Avocado and The Ethical Investor she had spent more than a decade researching personal finance, but is now discovering the reality of sharing money and assets in the 2020s.


Relationships take many forms, and these days couples often have to navigate new social and financial issues. How do you split costs when one person earns more than the other? Should you discuss what happens if it doesn't work out?  Is it right to ask your partner to contribute to your super while you're on parental leave?  Should you go all-in with a joint bank account?  How do you talk about money without killing the romaince?


Couple Goals is a practical and inspiring look at what can be achieved if you're a united team. Nicole shares her own story, talks to experts and couples who hold the secrets to success, and shows that when a couple is aligned in their financial values and vision for the future, anything is possible.


Couple Goals Building a strong financial future and an even better relationship

by Nicole Haddow

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