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Emma Pryor #GoGinger Challenge Interview

Emma Pryor #GoGinger Challenge Interview

Iconic Aussie brand Buderim Ginger has this week launched three new exciting spins on its classic Ginger Beer formula. For all the health gurus out there, the new Reduced Sugar Ginger Beer provides a gluten free alternative with 60% less sugar. Buderim Ginger's new Ginger Beer & Guarana drink offers a jolt of energy for those who need an extra spring in their step. Rounding out the trio is Buderim Ginger's exciting Ginger Beer & Pear, which mixes the classic formula with a fruity twist that is impossible to resist. All three beverages are non-alcoholic, contain no artificial colours or flavours and are proudly made on the Sunshine Coast.

In support of the launch and all things Ginger (including fiery redheads), Buderim Ginger is also kick starting a fiery new social campaign to raise awareness for anti-bullying. Bullying and violence are ongoing issues that affect countless Australians annually. To support the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, which takes place on the 20th of March, 2015, Buderim Ginger is launching the #GoGinger Challenge that will encourage all Australians to share a photo with a -Tinge of Ginge'. The challenge will run until 20th April, giving entrants one month to participate.

The requirements of #GoGinger Challenge are very simple. All participants need to do is take a photo of themselves with a -Tinge of ginge', this can be anything from a ginger cat, to a ginger wig or even a Buderim Ginger product. Participants can be as creative as they like, and Buderim Ginger wants everyone across Australia to give it a go and release their passion for all things Ginger.

Once participants have taken their gingeriffic photos, they simply need to post them to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtags #GoGinger and #BullyZero. The more people that participate in the campaign, the more money Buderim Ginger will donate. If over 100 people participate, Buderim Ginger will donate $1,000, over 500 participate and they will donate $1,500, and if over 1,000 people, Buderim Ginger will donate $2,000 to the anti-bullying charity Bully Zero Australia Foundation. The Bully Zero Australia Foundation is an organisation that works to provide support for victims of bullying and their families.

Buderim Ginger was first established in 1941. With 74 years of experience in making the finest quality ginger product for Australians, Buderim Ginger's excellence speaks for itself. 'We couldn't think of a more worthwhile cause to get behind at the moment," says Jacquie Price, Group Marketing Manager for Buderim Ginger. 'It's a campaign that's easy to get involved in, and we want the whole of Australia to join Buderim Ginger in the fight against bullying."

Running for one month from March 20th, the #GoGinger Challenge will help raise awareness of the cause, and every photo will provide much-needed donations to support Australian victims of bullying and violence in a way that is uniquely ginger.

For more information about Buderim Ginger visit
The RRP for the new Buderim products is $2.90 for the Original Ginger Beer, Reduced Sugar Ginger Beer and the Ginger Beer & Pear, and $3.40 for the Ginger Beer with Guarana.

Interview with Emma Pryor of Buderim Ginger

Question: What is The #GoGinger Challenge?

Emma Pryor: The #GoGinger Challenge is an anti-bullying campaign that Buderim Ginger created encouraging all Australians to share a photo on social media with a -Tinge of Ginge' (which can be can be anything from ginger locks to ginger cats, ginger bow tie or even a Buderim Ginger product) as well as the tags #GoGinger and #BullyZero to help raise awareness and funds for anti-bullying . The challenge runs until 20th April.

Question: Why did you decide to participate in the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence?

Emma Pryor: Historically Gingers have to be pretty thick skinned when it comes to bullying, based on something as small as the MC1R gene giving them unique gingerlicious locks.

When we ran Australia's Hottest Ginger competition at the end of 2014 we received thousands of entries with photos and a bit of a bio for each entrant which alerted us to the fact that so many gingers and redheads are bullied especially in school. So we felt compelled to get involved in helping break the stigma around gingers and redheads as well as all who get bullied.

Question: How do you hope The #GoGinger Challenge will raise awareness for bullying?

Emma Pryor: By engaging people to participate in their own way with a -tinge of ginge' and uniting people to take to social media with the same clear message that bullying is not ok.

Question: Can you talk about how the campaign will raise money for the anti-bullying charity Bully Zero Australia Foundation?

Emma Pryor: The #GoGinger campaign has been set up a tiered campaign to help raise funds for the Bully Zero Australia Foundation. If over 100 people participate across social media, Buderim Ginger will donate $1,000, over 500 participate and they will donate $1,500, and if over 1,000 people, Buderim Ginger will donate $2,000 to the anti-bullying charity Bully Zero Australia Foundation.

Question: Why did you choose to support the Bully Zero Australia Foundation?

Emma Pryor: The Bully Zero Australia Foundation is an organisation that works to provide support for victims of bullying and their families of all ages. We have previously worked with them in the past to fundraise at other activations we have run. We feel they are a good fit as they help Australians of all ages and actively campaign. Their charity colour is also orange which happens to work well with our -tinge of ginge' and they engage influential respected ambassadors online to help broaden their message.

Question: How does bullying and violence affect Australians annually?

Emma Pryor: A lot of people are affected by bullying and violence and have difficulty removing themselves from the situation. Another huge factor to have extended the reach of bullying into people's lives is cyber bullying which is a significant problem especially among teens. We feel really passionately about eliminating bullying as more often than not it is prompted by superficial and insignificant elements that are out of the individuals control such as hair colour.

Question: Can you talk about how bullying has affected your life?

Emma Pryor: Many of our own staff have confessed they were bullied or teased when they were younger, sometimes with the bullying resulting in violence. They all expressed a feeling of helplessness and fear, which should not be something anyone has to endure.

Question: Why did you create the Reduced Sugar Ginger Beer?

Emma Pryor: Reduced sugar is an option that many consumers now ask for. We spent a lot of time creating a ginger beer that would be reduced in sugar without having to resort to nasty chemicals to do so, whilst still maintaining Buderim Ginger's delicious ginger beer taste. It has actually taken longer than the other new flavours to formulate because getting that balance just right is very important to us.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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