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Lizzi Morrissey 7til7 Challenge Interview

Lizzi Morrissey 7til7 Challenge Interview

The inaugural 7til7 Challenge encourages Australians to take control of their relationship with the internet by actively disconnecting between the hours of 7pm and 7am each day for 7 days from 19th - 25th April 2015. Last year Telstra's Smartphone and Tablet Index revealed that the average smartphone user interacts with their device more than 150 times a day and it's statistics like this, that inspired the creation of a fundraising initiative that puts the spotlight on our internet habits with the added benefit of raising funds and awareness for headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation.

7til7 aims to address not only our ever increasing work demands but offer some solutions for a better balance between our connection to the internet with our connection to the real world.

The 7til7 Challenge is fronted by the Morrissey family headed up by entertainment management veteran Mark Morrissey who has nurtured the careers of some of the biggest names in Hollywood, his wife, co director and director of newly launched Mrs M…. Lizzi and their two daughters actor/singer/model Mia and 12 year old ACCTA nominee Piper.

'As a family with four Individual busy schedule's we really do have to make an effort to give ourselves family time. It's so easy to be unaware of how little time you have together… of how much time we loose each day because of our devices. So when I was presented with the 7til7 campaign it immediately resonated with me. I'm hoping for a variation of time together and personal time… to give the mind an opportunity to unravel the noise and the wonder of what we may learn from the experience and something perhaps new about each other. ' Lizzi Morrissey

They are joined by Gyton Grantley whose many credits include House Husbands, Beneath Hill 60, Balibo and Prime Mover and Rodger Corser who is best known for his regular roles on Rush, Spirited, Puberty Blues and Party Tricks.

'The other day a friend asked me if I've read any good books lately. I had to think about it and honestly could not remember the last one I'd read. Its been over a year. That's it! Time to put the phone down and get back to conversation and story" Gyton Grantley

Explaining his involvement in the campaign as a busy actor husband and father to 3 children Rodger Corser said, "It's time for a technology de-tox. Disconnect to reconnect and enjoy the benefits of real connection with your friends and family."

7til7 aims to take a different approach to educating Aussies about work life balance. Its not about stopping social media or throwing out your computer but rather having time out - 7til7 challenges YOU to disconnect from the internet from 7pm to 7am for 7 days. By taking part you'll not only reconnect in new and interesting ways - you'll also help raise funds by being sponsored in your challenge whilst raising awareness for a great cause.

All money raised by the 7til7 Challenge goes to headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation which helps young people (12 - 25 years) who are going through a tough time by providing support for problems like depression, anxiety, bullying and body image and other issues. Research shows that 75% of mental health disorders emerge before the age of 25. By treating these issues and providing a more holistic model of support, the risk of them developing into more serious problems is greatly decreased.

The 7til7 Challenge takes place nationally from Sunday 19 to Saturday 25 April 2015. Reconnect with yourself, your community and the world around you - to find out more or to join the 7til7 Challenge team visit

Interview with Lizzi Morrissey

Question: What is the 7til7 Challenge?

Lizzi Morrissey: An awareness campaign also hoping to assist raise funds for Headspace.

Question: Where did the idea for the 7til7 Challenge come from?

Lizzi Morrissey: I first heard about it from my friend and colleague Amanda Fry.

Question: What to you hope to achieve from this challenge?

Lizzi Morrissey: A greater awareness of the effects of being less present in our daily life… because we disconnect from ourselves, family and friends due to our connection with our device's.

Question: How do you believe this challenge will help your family?

Lizzi Morrissey: I'm hoping it will bring an openness to change because of the positive effects of the challenge or simply just all of us being committed to a combined cause… to be able to be consciously aware of the effects of the challenge whatever they may be.

Question: How much time do you spend on your phone?

Lizzi Morrissey: Hmm… personally I can be on the phone throughout the day continually. There is always someone I should be talking to about business, scheduling, my family and friends. I seem to be the connector. My business is people based so I actually need to connect with clients and associate's constantly. To be able to co-ordinate our families individual schedule's and needs I need to be aware of our movements daily so that may mean many phone call's text's or whatever means to connect to them.

Question: Why is it important to balance our connection to the internet with our connection to the real world?

Lizzi Morrissey: Life is about Balance. Too much of one thing will always throw the other off balance.

Question: Why did you choose to raise awareness for the National Youth Mental Health Foundation?

Lizzi Morrissey: Your mental state can be such a fragile component of yourself. I have seen many people suffer quietly and openly both with devastating outcome's. It seems so simple for some, judging those who are not coping. Not giving time to really understand the reason's. Our youth are surrounded by pressure's .. their world, they themselves are constantly changing. Bringing an AWARENESS to give our youth firstly the better of the doubt, the support, to be heard, to not feel we have to control them but guide them I believe will make a difference. Too many Children are hurting themselves, punishing themselves and devastatingly ending their lives before they have even began. Their cries for help are engulfing us more and more.. yet it feels many choose to be blind. That the problem is too big. Headspace are here to help and I/we are here to support.

Question: How can Australians get involved with the 7til7 Challenge?

Lizzi Morrissey: Please visit: and get on board/support me on:

Interview by Brooke Hunter



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