Escape From Planet Earth

Escape From Planet Earth

Escape From Planet Earth

Voice Cast: Brendan Fraser, Rob Corddry, Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, James Gandolfini, Craig Robinson, Jonathan Morgan Heit, Sofia Vergara, George Lopez, Kaitlin Olson, Jane Lynch, Paul Reubens, Gregg Binkley
Director: Cal Brunker
Genre: Comedy, Family, Adventure, Animation
Rated: PG
Running Time: 89 minutes

Synopsis: Famed astronaut Scorch Supernova finds himself trapped by evil forces on the distant 'Dark Planet" (aka Earth) where only his nerdy brother Gary can save him in Escape from Planet Earth, an all-new 3D animated family comedy-adventure.

Planet Baab's most celebrated space traveler, Scorch Supernova (voiced by Brendan Fraser), is a global hero whose interplanetary exploits are televised for the enjoyment of his ardent fans. With the help of his brainy brother Gary (Rob Corddry), head BASA Mission Control, Scorch has become a legend, winning the love of beautiful television reporter Gabby Babblebrock (Sofía Vergara) and the devotion of Gary's hero-worshipping son Kip (Jonathan Morgan Heit).

When BASA's no-nonsense chief, Lena (Jessica Alba), intercepts a distress signal from the Dark Planet, a notoriously dangerous world in the far reaches of the universe, Scorch jumps at the chance to attempt the once-in-a-lifetime rescue mission. But Gary tries to discourage his bother from making the trip, knowing that no intergalactic explorer has ever returned from the faraway world (also known as Earth).

Scorch realises too late that he has been lured into a deadly ambush set by the power-crazed paramilitary leader General Shanker (William Shatner). When the trap snaps shut, imprisoning Scorch and some of the most brilliant minds in the universe, Gary rushes to their aid. What he discovers is a plot of interplanetary proportions that only his brains and Scorch's brawn can stop.

Escape From Planet Earth

Release Date: VIC/QLD: March 28th, NSW/SA: April 11th and WA: April 18th, 2013



Escape From Planet Earth Characters

Gary Supernova (Rob Corddry): A Mission Control whiz kid at BASA, Gary has always been overshadowed by his younger brother Scorch. But without Gary's loyalty and genius-level intelligence, the pumped up daredevil would have been Gnarlach food long ago.

Scorch Supernova (Brendan Fraser): A hot-dogging astronaut celebrated for his outrageous and heroic exploits, Scorch is a global hero on the planet Baab, where his adventures are must-see television for his fans on the BNN network.

General Shanker (William Shatner): Shanker appears to be a loyal military man, but in reality he is a ruthless megalomaniac bent on destroying all intelligent life in the Universe.

Kira Supernova (Sarah Jessica Parker): Gary's loyal and loving wife, Kira spent 15 years as a test pilot for BASA before devoting herself fulltime to Gary and their adorable son Kipper. But make no mistake: 'Just -cause a chick has kids doesn't mean she can't still dish it out."

Kipper 'Kip" Supernova (Jonathan Morgan Heit): Gary and Kira's plucky nine-year-old pride and joy, Kipper idolises his intrepid Uncle Scorch, but learns that his dad's brain and his uncle's brawn are an unbeatable combination.

Gabby Babblebrock (Sofía Vergara): When the hot and spicy anchor for BNN News is not avidly pursuing a breaking story for the network, she finds time for canoodling with her best beau, Scorch.

Lena (Jessica Alba): Gary's boss Lena is beautiful, highly intelligent, hard-driving"and extremely duplicitous. Her ambition is unbridled, but her fatal weakness for a guy in an Elvis wig could be the end of Baab.

Io (Jane Lynch): Held captive by Shanker and his henchman and forced into servitude, Io is a sun-dwelling Cyclops with anger management problems"she is also a loyal ally when the chips are down.

Doc (Craig Robinson): An intergalactic radio talk-show therapist, Doc's adorable appearance belies a keen intelligence. Held in Area 51 by Shanker and forced to invent social networking, he is the voice of reason and unofficial counselor to the other prisoners.

Thurman (George Lopez): A three-eyed, four-armed slug-like alien who leaves a trail of goo where ever he goes, Thurman is Gary's cellmate in Area 51.

Hawk (Steve Zahn) and Hammer (Chris Parnell): These two slackers work behind the counter of the Area 51 7-Eleven and witness both Scorch's capture and Gary's arrival on Earth. Best. Days. Ever!!!

James Bing (Ricky Gervais): The officious BASA computer, James is always available to advise Mission Control, whether they want it or not.