Forever Clover. Club Members

Forever Clover™ Club Members

The six best friends of the Forever Clover™ Club reside in Davey's Bay, a beautiful sunny community nestled in between the beach and the countryside. The girls use the old quarry on the outskirts of town as their clubhouse where they hang out together reading magazines, chatting and listening to music. The girls aren't afraid of adventure either. Legend says that "best friends are like a four like clover: hard to find and lucky to have". The girls will forever be best friends and they love wearing a clover as a symbol of their friendship.

Meet the girls:
Maddie is the sporty girl in the group who is especially passionate about basketball. You won't catch her without her runners on and a cute drink bottle in hand. While Maddie can sometimes be shy, she isn't around her Forever Clover pals. Her and Jonty the pet mouse love sneaking lollies. Maddie's other hobbies include taking photos with her cool camera and playing computer games. She is allergic to eggs which she finds very annoying as she adores cake!

Emma is the girly girl, always pretty in pink and showing off with pirouettes and grande jete's that she learns in her ballet class. Emma enjoys watching butterflies with Asha her adorable Golden Retriever. Wearing gorgeous necklaces and shiny lip gloss, Emma always looks her best. And being fair skinned, she has an awesome collection of hats. Emma also loves arts and crafts, reading and eating strawberries.

Abbey is the bravest of the bunch. She is adventurous and loves bike riding, snow skiing and making snowmen. Abbey has a zest for hot chocolate, cherries and oranges. Sometimes her school work gets a bit hard and she would rather be outside going on adventures with her puppy Moby. She loves her Forever Clover besties and always sticks up for them.

Matilda is the caring and sensible girl in the group. She lives on a farm and is besotted with animals, big and small. When she grows up she wants to be a vet. Matilda's favourite activity is horse riding and she has a pet chicken called Bella. Matilda is not a fan of eating meat but she loves eating cupcakes!

Kate is a smart girl who really cares about the environment. Kate loves music and she really enjoys the beach, swimming and water slides. You won't catch Kate without her awesome anklet even when she is in the water. Zac the super cute Burmese cat is never far from her side.

Olivia is always in for a good time and is the confident girl of the group. Her favourite hobby is gymnastics and she is always trying to get the other girls to jump on the trampoline. Olivia loves pretty dresses, cute jewellery, hearts, glitter and dolls - but don't give her nuts to eat as she is allergic to them. Her pet rabbits Minty and Molly are very spoilt and she likes to show them off to the rest of the girls in the club.


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