Gemma Howorth World-First Solates Class Interview

Gemma Howorth World-First Solates Class Interview

Gemma Howorth World-First Solates Class Interview

World-First Solates Class Taking Place in Sydney
Unique Pilates class hosted by international -foot' supermodel, Gemma Howorth

Sydney-siders, it's time to twiggle your tootsies and participate in an exercise class like no other! For the first time ever, Australia's leading footcare specialist, Scholl, in collaboration with leading international -foot' supermodel Gemma Howorth, is presenting a world-first exercise class called Solates – Pilates for the soles!

With arguably the world's most beautiful feet, Gemma will demonstrate how to maintain healthy and beautiful feet this summer, with simple exercises that can be performed in the comfort of your own home.

Event Details

What: An exclusive opportunity to attend Australia's inaugral -Solates' class, hosted by leading international -foot' supermodel and celebrity body double, Gemma Howorth who is visiting from the UK
Where: Chippendale Green at Central Park, 80 Broadway, Sydney (Chippendale Green is situated behind the new Central shopping mall, and just 5 minutes from Central Bus and Train Station)
When: Saturday 25th January 2014
Time: 10am – 10.30am with refreshments provided
Cost: Free! Refreshments provided
What to bring: towel and/or yoga mat

Leading international model and Scholl launch world-first -3-Step Foot Formula' in Australia

Research reveals almost half of the Aussie female population are unhappy with their feet

International foot supermodel, Gemma Howorth, and leading foot care expert, Scholl, have this week launched a unique, new beauty regime to help Australians take better care of their feet: The 3-Step Foot Formula.

The launch of this easy-to-follow, quick and cost effective new regime comes as recent research highlights that, sadly, nearly half (47%) of Australian women are unhappy with their feet.

Inspired by the classic 3-step skincare program used around the world (cleanse, tone and moisturise), the new, simple 3-Step Foot Formula aims to help Australians achieve healthier, stronger and more beautiful feet.

Furthermore, presented by Scholl and Gemma Howorth owner of arguably the world's most beautiful feet, insured for a cool seven-figure sum – the Foot Formula showcases the practice of Solates. A world-first Pilates Program designed specifically for the soles.

'People really do forget to look after their feet, and then later in life they can develop problems… drawing upon my own beauty and exercise regime, I hope this 3-Step Foot Formula and the practice of Solates will help Aussies take better care of their feet. You only get one body you should look after it!" said the Brit-based model currently in Australia.

New research findings released today highlight:
2 out of 3 Australian women (69 per cent) would actually like to do more to look after their feet, yet costs and time are the key barriers.
Despite Australians tendency to flash the feet, nearly 3 out of 4 spend less than 30 minutes a week looking after their feet – that's less than 4 minutes a day!

Cause for concern, only 11 per cent of Australia women spend the Scholl recommended minimum of 1–2 hours a week looking after their feet, despite over half (58%) of the female population stating they have a foot condition.

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Interview with Gemma Howorth

Question: What is a Solates Class?

Gemma Howorth: Solates is the exclusive routine I have worked into my daily routine as part of the 3-Step Foot Formula to get gorgeous looking feet. It takes elements of Pilates to give your feet tone, strength and suppleness. The exercises are simple and quick and really do help to get your feet in tip top condition.

Question: How long have you been practicing Solates and what benefits have you seen?

Gemma Howorth: Having been a model since I was 18, I have always known the importance of foot care. I have used so many products, but now I've pinned down the 3-Step Foot Formula, which follows the same principles as your face: Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise. On your feet you should Exfoliate, Tone & Moisturise – the 'Tone' comes from the Solates, which will quickly improve strength and flexibility of your feet. Doing this routine frequently means my feet are always camera ready. I am a big believer in doing a little often, even if you can just moisturise daily, you'll notice the effects straight away.

Question: What should attendees expect from the Solates Class?

Gemma Howorth: The Solates class I am hosting this weekend on Chippendale Green at 10am, which is open to the public will be a really fun morning. People attending will be shown some easy -Solates' exercises, which they can take home and do themselves each day as part of the 3-Step Foot Formula.

Question: How can Australians maintain healthy and beautiful feet especially throughout summer with products and exercise?

Gemma Howorth: My top foot care tips are: exfoliate and moisturise as much as you can, but don't over exfoliate. The 3-Step Foot Formula is a great way of maintaining healthy and beautiful feet.

Question: What is your own beauty and exercise regime for your feet?

Gemma Howorth: I absolutely love the Scholl Express Pedi, perfect for when I'm at home and I need a quick touch up, and I always have Scholl's Dry Skin cream with me for when my feet need a quick moisturising. If I'm after more of intense moisture, I use Eulactol heel balm – my Mum suffers from cracked heels and I always give her some to fix them up! If I'm going out, I make sure I have Party Feet and some Blister shields on me to make sure my feet stay corn and blister free.

Question: How many hours does your beauty and exercise regime for your hands and feet take, a day?

Gemma Howorth: It really doesn't have to take too long. Once you get into a routine, it becomes second nature. Just five minutes a day… leaving you with 1,435 minutes to get on with the rest of your day.

Question: Can you tell us how you protect your hands and feet, daily?

Gemma Howorth: Sunscreen… It's SO important. Your hands and feet catch the sun so easily and this is an easy place to catch skin cancer and people tend to forget their feet.

Question: Are you surprised that almost half of the Aussie female population are unhappy with their feet?

Gemma Howorth: Not really – it's such a neglected area. I hope I can show Aussies an easy way to get the best from their feet.

Question: What's the weirdest feet modelling job you've done?

Gemma Howorth: I loved working with Aussie, Rose Byrne. On this particular job I was Rose's hands and I had to lie on her or two hours with my hand on her face and my little finger in her mouth – she was such a great sport! It was so funny, we had a laugh.

Question: What has been your most memorable shoot?

Gemma Howorth: Apart from lying on Rose for two hours, my stand out moment in my career to date... probably working with supermodels such as Kate Moss and Heidi Klum, seeing those amazing women in action was truly special. You soon realise why they are called supermodels. Heidi came from LA on three hours sleep and did a 14-hour day, laughing and joking and didn't complain once!

Interview by Brooke Hunter